Building a Better Viddyoze… From The Inside Out

Through it all, from the early, manic days of 2014 to the more surreal days of 2020/21, our colleagues have been critical to making the business what it is today: a hugely successful and disruptive SaaS technology company that helps anyone and everyone create professional-looking videos with deft ease.

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Image of Katy Morris with a dog.

As I See It: Introducing Katy Morris

Allow us to introduce to you Katy Morris, who heads up customer support and experience At Viddyoze. Since joining us in 2020, Katie has been working hard at transforming the way we do customer service so that each and every customer’s experience is nothing short of awesome. Here’s how she sees it.

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Maiyah Kenz

As I See It: Introducing Maiyah Kenz

For many of you, Maiyah Kenz will now be a familiar face. As our resident content creator, she is responsible for creating a wide range of entertaining, informative and inspiring videos for our social media platforms, as well as our YouTube channel. Here’s how she sees it.

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