Community Update: User of the Month, Groundbreaking Live Action Templates and more!

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Hey everyone 👋

Welcome to the Viddyoze Community Update!

These updates are all about celebrating our incredible community, and that includes you! This month, we’ve got some exciting news to share.

We’ve just launched an awesome opportunity that will amp up your video creation game. Plus, we’ll give you the rundown on what our awesome community has been up to…



The Viddyoze Community Takeover: Turn Your Videos into Templates!


During our most recent webinar, we announced a brand new cutting-edge feature exclusively available to Viddyoze Pro subscribers. Now, you can unleash your imagination by uploading your own video footage and our team will turn them into mesmerizing live-action templates!

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it to the webinar, you can catch the replay here!

To get involved, all you need is your mobile phone camera and a Pro subscription.

We’ve had some amazing submissions so far, and the team is working hard to get these live on the Viddyoze app. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come…

As this awesome new feature relies on YOU, the community, the amount of live-action templates released each month will vary.

The more video submissions we receive, the more templates we can make!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and show us what you’ve got! (Just be sure to check out all the guidelines here first)

📣Want to see your video footage made into a template? Upgrade to PRO today!

Pro includes access to two video creation platforms, over 2500 animation templates, private training, and more. Upgrade and trial Pro for FREE here!!

Viddyoze Community In The Spotlight


We have said it 1000 times but we would not be where we are now without our incredible community.

It’s awesome to see so many of you interacting with other members, providing valuable insights, and supporting each other. We actively encourage you to get involved, share your work, and get feedback from others.

Here are some great insider tips and feedback our members have shared this month:

Joining the Pro Discord Community also offers you the exciting opportunity to earn points simply by engaging with others!

These points can be redeemed for exclusive rewards, available only to Pro Community members.

These exciting rewards include discounts on subscriptions, personalized one-on-one training sessions, and access to exclusive template packs.

To learn more about participating and benefiting from these rewards, please visit our dedicated rewards page here. 🎉

📣You can gain access and trial our private Discord community and everything else that comes with our top-level PRO accounts for free!

This includes all PRO features across two video creation platforms, over 2500 animation templates, private training, and more.

Upgrade and trial Pro for free here!

Upcoming Viddyoze Pro Create Along Sessions


Viddyoze Pro members get exclusive access to weekly live calls with our very own video creation expert, Tom.

He’s got all the knowledge to help you supercharge your Viddyoze tools, and the best part is, you can ask him anything during these sessions.


Here’s what’s coming up in June:

8th June – 11am EST

In this session, Tom will show you how to create a testimonial video that’ll showcase positive reviews on your product – all within the Viddyoze app.

22nd June – 11am EST

In this session, Tom will show you how to create a variety of ‘Before & After’ style videos that will show the impact your products or services are having on your customers.


Check the link in our Discord Announcements channel to register your spot 🙂

📣Not a Pro member and want to join one of our live training sessions? Try out Pro for free here!

Video Of The Month: As Chosen By You!


Each month, our team picks their favorite videos posted to social media by real Viddyoze users.

These videos are then put to a public vote for the community to choose their favorite.

This month’s winner is Llewellyn with his sports product video. Check it out:

Llewellyn used our Product Void Display template from our Pro template selection. Try it for yourself here

For winning Video of the Month Llewellyn has won a video training course of their choice! Congratulations! 🔥😎

📣Want to get involved? Share your video creations on our Facebook group, Discord channel, or via social media with #Viddyoze – Make sure to check our Facebook group and social media channels for details on how to vote. 

You can unlock over 3000 animation templates instantly with Viddyoze Pro. Get a free trial today,  here!

Viddyoze User Of The Month


Each month, we like to shine the spotlight on one of our valued users. This may be as part of our User of the Month section, or by sharing one of our amazing video testimonials.

This month, we hear from Marie Genevieve and how she attracts her dream clients using Viddyoze.

📣We want to hear from you! If you’d like to share your story and how Viddyoze has impacted your business, please send us a message via live chat within the app!

Some Final Words…


And that’s a wrap on this month’s Community Update! We hope you found some inspiration and we can’t wait to see what you have to share with us next. 

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