Start Your Own Disruptive Video Marketing Platform Business Today With Viddyoze White Label

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It’s finally here. After months of hard, hard work – and years in the making – we are thrilled to announce the launch of Viddyoze White Label. Yep, you read that right –a white-labeled version of Viddyoze. Yeah, yeah, we know, it was about time. But you know what? It was well worth the wait.

Viddyoze White Label is a game-changer and an industry first. You will not find anything like it in and among the digital ether – it really is one of a kind. And with it, this latest addition to the Viddyoze family, we’re doing what we’ve always done – which is to say, shake things up, break new ground and, more importantly, democratize technology. Because everyone deserves a piece of the video pie.

You can think of Viddyoze White Label as a supercharged version of Viddyoze

In essence, Viddyoze White Label is a new way of experiencing our popular video animation platform – and then some.

“You can think of Viddyoze White Label as a supercharged version of Viddyoze – providing you with more power, more potential and more punch than ever before,” says Joey Xoto, co-founder of Viddyoze.

“It’s an unbelievable opportunity for literally everyone and anyone, whether you’re an agency looking to add another string to your digital bow or a small bricks and mortar business looking to expand your operations online.”

Man holding a smartphone with Viddyoze White Label website on screen.

The concept is simple. When you sign up to the service you get access to the most powerful version of Viddyoze. This can then be rebranded and renamed as your own offering. And, just like that, you’re the boss of your own online video marketing and creation business.

With video more popular and influential than ever before – and the SaaS space also growing exponentially – Viddyoze White Label is perfect for anyone looking to kickstart their entrepreneurial career or diversify their revenue stream with video content.

It’s one of the quickest and smartest ways of launching your own online technology business today

“If you’re dreaming of making it big within the video marketing space, but don’t like the idea of working day and night to bring to life a SaaS product – and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on R&D while you’re at it – look no further than Viddyoze White Label,” explains David Chamberlain, co-founder of Viddyoze.

“It’s one of the quickest and smartest ways of launching your own online technology business today.”

Think of it this way: Viddyoze White Label gives you instant access to your own video content business – a technology start-up in a box, if you will, readymade and ready to go.

You don’t need to develop the technology yourself, figure out if there’s a market for it (Viddyoze is 150,000 plus customers and counting in case you’re wondering) or shop around for investors to get your business going.

With Viddyoze White Label, the video marketing playbook is about to be rewritten

It’s all there. Tested, perfected and optimized. So if you’re looking for a low-risk way of joining the video revolution – or making an even bigger splash if you’re already onboard – Viddyoze White Label really is your golden ticket to online success.

Because video is the future of all things digital, from information discovery and education to entertainment, culture and ecommerce – and everything in-between. It goes without saying that video isn’t so much the future of marketing – it is marketing

“With Viddyoze White Label, the video marketing playbook is about to be rewritten,” says Jamie Garside, co-founder of Viddyoze.

“Because this version of our innovative platform is unlike anything the industry has ever seen before – and it changes absolutely everything. 100% customizable and 100% ready to go, it really is the opportunity of a lifetime for budding entrepreneurs and businesses with a passion for video, marketing and content creation.” 

Some of the key features and benefits of Viddyoze White Label include:

  • Full Platform Customization: Rebrand and sell Viddyoze as your own SaaS solution – and on your own domain
  • 10 Subaccounts: Provide free or paid access to your platform and grow your business internally and externally
  • Ability To Resell Your Version Of Viddyoze: Use your subaccounts to generate passive income opportunities in creative ways
  • A Growing Library Of 2,000 Plus Templates: Take your pick from an expansive collection of video animation templates
  • Multi Renders: You can render up to 10 video animations at once, helping to boost your productivity enormously
  • Access To Viddyoze University: Free access to our exclusive and premium training courses – developed entirely in-house

For more on how to launch your own video marketing business or how to generate passive income with the most engaging form of content out there today, tap on this link now and get started with Viddyoze White Label.