Welcome To Viddyoze White Label

Below you will find tutorials, training and resources to help you with your new white label account. We recommend you watch and check out all of the available information below to get the most out of your account.

Free BoardAi Access For 1 Year

BoardAi allows you to connect with potential clients and partners. This platform allows you to set up a profile about yourself and what you can help with. You can then specify the type of person you want to connect with.

So, for example, let’s say you want to connect with business owners within the web sector, or even within the construction sector. You can specify this and the tool will then look to match you with those people.

Matches are made automatically, and you get to set up a call/meeting with your match to discuss business and opportunity. It effectively automates lead generation and sets you up with business owners that want to speak with you.

As part of your membership to White Label you will have received a discount code in an email from us to activate the year’s free subscription. You will need to enter this in the voucher code section of the checkout of board.ai