Welcome To Viddyoze White Label

Below you will find tutorials, training and resources to help you with your new white label account. We recommend you watch and check out all of the available information below to get the most out of your account.


Live Sales Training

Split across two live sessions, James, our head of sales here at Viddyoze will be taking users behind the scenes of how we manage calls and sell various different video solutions.

These calls are split across the two parts of selling.

Part 1: The research and pre call process.

Starting from the beginning with details on how we set up meetings, calendar management tips and research strategy before even taking a call, making calls much easier to take, but also putting you in firm control of the sales process. Everything you need to do before a call, to give you the best chance of success is covered in this pre call process session.

Part 2: Managing & Closing Sales

Part 2 of this 2 part series focuses on the calls and meetings. Using our research and pre call prep, how do you structure a sales call properly? This session will cover just that. You will get to see how we approach the structure of a sales call and closing tactics to turn leads into actual sales.