About Us

We’re Viddyoze, a UK based company and besides dancing, we do one thing and do it exceptionally well:

We help people from all over the world create high quality, irresistible animation videos for their brand, product or service - all in a few clicks with zero hassle.

(Okay, we were lying about the dancing.)

But here’s how it works

You’re running your business - and recognize video in 2017 is dominating nearly every platform to showcase killer content and explode your business. So you go off, hire a freelancer, share your vision - and come back with something that looks like it was made in the 90’s.

(We loved that era too, but come on now.)

You try someone else, then they disappear. Ultimately, you never got what you originally wanted, and ended up wasting time, energy and a whole ton of money.

That’s where we come in

Viddyoze does all the above for you, producing the highest quality animation and cinematic videos for your business

The 3 of us started from humble beginnings as we noticed a gap in the marketplace, and blended our prior experience of video production from Joey and software from David and Jamie to launch the first version of Viddyoze in 2015.

Upon launch, we started out by allowing users to create simple logo stingers in the cloud. Users could log in, choose from a variety of templates, customize it by choosing colours, and adding their logo - then we produced the final MP4 in a matter of minutes.

From there, we evolved to advanced animations such as transitions, lower thirds and alpha animations, all the way to live cinematic sequences that merge animation with live footage - creating a powerful viewing experience.

One year after launch, we had 5,000 raving customers and a few years later have now helped over 70,000 people stand out in their market, fuel their business dreams - and even say goodbye to their bosses.

What started out as 3 guys in a basement office bringing ideas to life has now grown to 35+ team members all over the world.

We may be a small team, but our vision is to become the leaders in automated animation and despite our early success - we feel like we’re only getting started.

Want to find out how we can help you create awesomeness?

All the best,
The Viddyoze Team

Our Users Love Viddyoze

"It’s dramatically increased my referrals"
"It’s very easy for anyone to use"
"I’d definitely recommend Viddyoze to anyone just starting their online business"
"Right away people were asking me: can you do that for me?"
"Viddyoze has increased my video click-through rate exponentially!"
"Using Viddyoze Has Opened Doors For My Business I Could Never Have Imagined."
"It just helps up your game in terms of presentations, video intros and things like that"
"Viddyoze is one of the biggest points in my arsenal for creating coolness"

Here’s How Our Users Rated Us

Viddyoze is an incredible platform for creating different types of video elements to add into your videos. Super easy to use and the videos look amazing! Great job guys..

Josh Ratta

This is a must have for anyone serious into internet marketing with video or any business providing video marketing services! The Viddyoze team have gone above and beyond to not only bring amazing technology to the masses, but make it simple & easy to use with a well done cloud platform. Grab this now if you want more engagement in your business and serious video branding.

Ben Murray - Expert Online Marketer

All I can say is wow! So easy to use no training is needed. I just chose my template and BAM I had a new animated logo reveal in just minutes!

Robert Stone - Project Manager Mass Media SEO

Video is the future, someone said; we are in the future now, and you must deliver high quality videos in order to create an impact and get results; now thanks to Viddyoze, you can add that professional look that makes a difference between good videos and bad videos. If you want to create videos that get results and make an impact, you must get Viddyoze. I'm so impressed with Viddyoze that I'll be using it regularly on my video projects.

Jimmy Mancini - www.TTSsketchMaker.com

WOW! I am really blown away with this.... Very impressive software indeed. Very fun and easy to use! I made 3 videos in about 10 minutes... I'm speechless... Thank you for making this software a reality. Rock Solid!

Tony Thunberg

I received access to Viddyoze just a few minutes ago, with no previous training or setup I rendered 2 clips and downloaded within 5 minutes. This is the most exceptionally easy to use software I have found to date… It's really 'Friggin' Awesome, this will be my favorite 'Cash Generating' software for a very long time.

Tlynn Griffith - Video Monkey Productions

Can I start with saying thank you to Viddyoze Team. This software is super simple to use,and the layout easy to navigate.

I was shocked as with no knowledge in this field, I'm creating new videos in less time than it takes to boil a kettle or send the email to the outsourcer! This is a must have for anyone that creates or intends to make videos online.

The time saving alone is just insane, something that would take hours takes 2 mins. This is so easy to use my 12 year old is using it without asking for help. If you like the simplicity of “Select, Customize, Confirm”, I would without question say buy this right now.

Ian Wicks

I have a new client for whom I’ll be doing a bunch of instructional videos for a big product launch, and Viddyoze is going to give them an extra bit of sizzle. The logo reveals and intros/outros are my faves, and they’ll give my videos a professional, polished look that will have the client thinking that I’m some kind of video production savant sitting in a studio full of expensive editing equipment!

Kristen Berdard

Just wanted to give you props on the new Viddyoze software. I love the simplicity and speed of it. Last night I created 2 different logo reveals in under 5 minutes TOTAL! This is exactly what a busy video marketer needs to create quick intro/outro animations.

Steve Walther

With Viddyoze you can create different types of 3D animations that can be added to your videos. You can create video intro, outro, transitions, logo stingers and social animations.

Although it sounds complicated or time consuming to create it is in fact very easy and fast. It only takes literally three steps to create 3D animations with Viddyoze. And because it’s a Software as a Service application there’s nothing to install in your computer. Just Log into your Viddyoze account, choose the type of animation you want to create and off you go. In three steps and three minutes you can have a rendered 3D animation.

I wanted to run a simple test and see how quickly I could create an intro, and outro and put it together with a video clip using Camtasia. It took me around five minutes to create and render both intro and outro clips!

James Moux

The Viddyoze team have solved the problem of quickly, easily and affordably creating intros, outros and logo stingers that grab viewers by the eyeballs. They set out to create a low cost, simple to use, automated solution and in my opinion they knocked it out of the park.

And, they have done it with a cloud based app that does the job better, faster and with more flexibility than anything on the market today. Even better, it doesn’t create simple text animations. It creates 3D animations that look better and hold attention better than anything I have in my video creation arsenal.

In addition to creating original animated videos for clients I offer lower cost marketing videos created with industry specific templates that I customize with business intros and outros. Of course, the challenge has been quickly and easily creating those intros and outros with the animation software I use... or outsourcing them to save time. Both have their challenges and limitations.

Viddyoze solves the problem for me in a big way. I love the variety of templates and the ability to change colors and control the way the final work looks. Viddyoze instantly became a go-to app for me and I can see me using it for all kinds of projects.

Harold Brown

At last, video marketing made easier and very newbie friendly too.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to test Viddyoze. Here's my honest opinion. It's extremely simple to use and takes just 5 minutes to learn how you can quickly create 'killer' video intros, stringers, outros and lots more from a wide range of professionally designed and eye catching templates.

If you produce videos for Internet Marketers or like me, for local businesses this is a tool you can profit from. Will I be buying it when launched? "DEFINITELY."

Martin Lloyd

This is the missing link for professional video-creation. It's the easiest way to produce professional looking modern video elements that boost and polish your videos. This online-software looks very clean and tidy - 4 easy steps and you are ready to enjoy your creations! Me and my clients are absolutely amazed. Now video-production gets much quicker and looks very high-quality for everybody.

Ivan Galileo