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Founded in 2015, Viddyoze is a hyper-growth SaaS technology company shaking up the world of video animation.


The Viddyoze Story

How We Built An 8-Figure Bootstrapped Software Enterprise

Follow the adventures of three ordinary guys as they build a multi-million dollar business from scratch – complete with a haunted mansion, a warning from the Royal Air Force, and an awkward celebrity encounter with Akon.

A Small Spark Of An Idea Is Where It All Began...


How Could We Create An Animated Logo?

It was that simple. Getting the business off the ground, less so. None of the founders could code, they worked remotely, and the only cash they had was their own.

Yet they made it happen. Fast-forward to today and over 150,000 individuals and organizations have signed up to the Viddyoze revolution.

From A Simple Idea To A Video Platform For The Masses

Our aim is to help people create better, more effective, and more engaging video content – whatever their goals.

Our innovative SaaS platform is designed for all types of individuals and businesses – from entrepreneurs and influencers, to independent shops, startups, and multinational enterprises.

With Viddyoze, people can eliminate the hours of tedious work that can stand between their idea and seeing it come to life on video.


Our Story So Far


September 2015

Hello world! Viddyoze launches to the masses – and is an instant hit. The founders' hard work has more than paid off.


January 2017

Viddyoze achieves close to $1 million of sales... in just one month. It's now clear that there is a growing market for our software. Plus, we launched our groundbreaking Viddyoze Live Action product.


August 2018

A meeting with the NBA changes everything. We realize that Viddyoze can be even bigger than it currently is. Our future vision widens.


February 2020

Our powerful Fade To Black video content program makes its debut. It's now one of the cornerstone courses at Viddyoze University.


Coming up in 2021

Stay tuned for launch of our new Blox product, plus our very first book release "Reel Gold".

Our Vision And Mission


To fully automate the creation of personalized video content


To help more people create better, faster, video content


To help non-technical users make amazing video animations


To help more businesses generate traffic, leads and sales with online videos

Our Values


We’re all about breaking down barriers. Which is why our software is designed for everyone and anyone.

Video software should be affordable and easy to use, which is why we created Viddyoze for the masses.


We don’t do "cookie-cutter" content. We aim to help creators stand out with video animations that are as unique as they are.

And that means personalisation – from simple one-off logos to a series of videos.


We’re urban and down to earth. Relatable and real. What you see is what you get.

This is reflected in our personality, our people, and our content.

Our creators are just like us.


We’re not your "typical" SaaS company. We don’t do corporate content. We are anything but commercial. We always strive to do better and create new things. Viddyoze exists because three non-techie entrepreneurs wanted to make a cool app. So we did.

Meet The Founders

Joey Xoto Joey

Joey looks after marketing, content, and affiliate relationships.

David Chamberlain David

David spends his time on product development, finance, and innovation.

Jamie Garside Jamie

Jamie manages customer success and support, email marketing, and analytics.

We want to make sure that you get the ultimate experience as far as what you're looking for Viddyoze to do – which is create video content.


David Chamberlain

Co-Founder at Viddyoze


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