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Home » Blog » Viddyoze Community Update: January 2024

Viddyoze Community Update: January 2024

Hey Viddyoze users. 

We hope you’re having an amazing start to 2024.

This month’s update is all about AI and your new favorite content tool, ViddyBot. We’ll also take a deep dive into the Viddyoze Academy and the amazing bonus content you can get for FREE over on our YouTube channel.

ViddyBot in Action: Here’s What You Might Have Missed…

On Thursday 25th we had an amazing webinar showcasing the power of ViddyBot AI and how you can utilize this powerful tool to make more money in 2024. 

In the session, we dived into how ViddyBot AI is a game-changer, helping you connect with more clients than ever. 

ViddyBot will not only put together a video for you, it will also suggest text and find the perfect stock images and videos to liven up your content. (You can always switch things up later if you’re feeling creative or want to include your own product images)

During the live session we also revealed details of our new training Masterclass! This exclusive masterclass held by Co-founder Jamie will teach you the art of selling videos, and how to confidently approach new businesses to let them in on your awesome video creation service.

Check out what Viddyoze Users had to say about the AI session and upcoming AI Masterclass:

Suffering from FOMO? You can catch a replay of the live session HERE.

You can get your hands on the AI Masterclass and sales training HERE.

Please note, you will need a Viddyoze Pro account to complete the Masterclass and access ViddyBot, you can see our Pro packages here

The Viddyoze Academy

If you purchased the Masterclass, you’ll soon be able to find the replay in the Viddyoze Pro Academy. This learning hub is exclusively for Pro users and contains a wealth of knowledge to help you take your video creation to the next level. 

Sessions include ‘How to Create a Lead Magnet Video’ all the way to ‘Creating an FAQ Video’. Almost every use case is covered!

You can check out the Academy and test out ALL of the Viddyoze Pro features for free as part of a 7-day trial here.

Viddyoze Support’s Top-Tip of the Month!

Did you know you can apply multiple filters when browsing for the perfect template for your project? For example, you could filter by Automotive Industry and Urban style for that edgy street-style ad, or Live Action and Corporate for the perfect formal intro. 

Our YouTube Channel Just Hit Over 12k Subscribers!

Our YouTube channel is packed full of tutorials on how you can make the most of your Viddyoze account as well as videos that give you an insight on how you can level up your video creation skills as a whole.

It’s the perfect place to gain some inspiration during your busy day. Check it out HERE and make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video!

That‘s All For Now!

That’s a wrap! Be sure to check out the YouTube channel and live session. We’ll be back soon with another rundown of everything going on within the Viddyoze Community. Have a great month!

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