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Basic Guide To Video Content For Real Estate Businesses

Video is fundamental to real estate marketing. That’s the sum of it. And if you’re not doing it – or doing it well – you’re missing out big time. So, if you want more traffic, more leads and, ultimately, more sales, you need to be reaching and connecting with customers through the medium of video – and across all your platforms too. Read on for more insight or check out our complete guide to real estate video marketing here.

Why Real Estate Businesses Must Embrace Video Now

Covid-19 has made it a video world. And with the pandemic continuing to have a disruptive impact on all our lives – and lockdowns and restrictions now a sort of semi-permanent state to be in – digital experiences and solutions are increasingly sought by people adjusting to the ‘new normal’.

The real estate industry is also having to adapt and modernize. More consideration is now being given to improving the user experience on websites and, importantly, embracing video-based technologies to support those efforts.

Real estate businesses also need to digitize because Covid-19 has let in motion major societal shifts that are likely to be more than just a short-term trend. Attitudes to how and where we live and work have already changed and one of the legacies of Covid-19 will be that more people will continue to work and spend leisure time at home.

And, as a result of this, more and more will be reconsidering whether their current living space and location meets their new needs and expectations. We are on the cusp of something very different to early 21st-century living.

Finally, and predating Covid-19, with homeownership aspirations and purchasing power blooming among millennials, real estate businesses need to get wise – this clientele is more comfortable and at home – sorry but we had to get that pun in there – with using digital platforms and technologies to support them throughout the home-buying process. And, in turn, also more likely to engage and respond better to video content.

There is no reason then for real estate businesses to not embrace video in a comprehensive way. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Individual Property Videos

Static images are great, but videos really do bring to life properties. That’s why it’s essential that every property you have listed on your website has an accompanying video. Remember to keep it short and snappy.

Virtual Walkthroughs

Virtual walkthroughs are not new among real estate businesses, but they have definitely become more important since Covid-19 landed on the scene. Again, each property you have listed should have a virtual walkthrough video. Customers like them because it helps them get a feel for the entire property, as well as a sense of scale. And it’s almost like you’re there for real (virtual reality will shake this up even further).

Real Estate Bio Videos

Adding a human touch to your website will help you connect better with customers. You can do this with real estate ‘video bios’, which can either introduce your entire team at once or focus on specific agents for a really personal touch. It’s a nice way of standing out.

Video Testimonials 

We all know the power of a good testimonial, which is why video testimonials are brilliant. They are a brilliant and effective way of bringing to life written testimonials and, more importantly, providing social proof – seeing happy customers talk positively about their experience with you is a real draw for prospects.

Neighborhood Videos

Often it isn’t just the house or apartment that people are interested in – it’s also the area. Videos that explore local streets, views, amenities and facilities – and generally tell a story about the area ­– are extremely important for people in the market for a property, especially if they are looking to put down roots.

Educational Real Estate Videos

When it comes to video content, it’s not enough to just show off properties. Show your prospects that you understand their needs and concerns by providing them with additional educational videos that answer key questions and helps them make better decisions.

For more insight into video marketing read our post on how realtors leverage video to sell more homes.

Be Innovative With Real Estate Video Marketing

Real estate is a highly visual industry. While this is a positive, since it lends itself so easily to video, it also presents a notable challenge. Many real estate businesses are already investing significantly and working hard on their video marketing efforts.

The issue is that it can be hard to stand out when everyone else in your industry is already engaged in video marketing. The key is to use videos in new and innovative ways.

You can do this through video animation platforms like Viddyoze, by incorporating live video streams into your marketing output, by partnering with social media interior/property influencers and, well, you get the picture.

Think of it this way. Anything that your competition isn’t doing – or isn’t doing well – you should be looking to do or do better. And if it doesn’t work. No worries. Move on. You have to test things out!

Hot Take: Get Your Real Estate Videos Out There

When it comes to using video in any industry, a surprisingly prevalent problem is that businesses just leave the video on their website. That’s too limiting. Think wider:

Key Takeaways

Don’t delay embracing video any longer – you need to take real estate video marketing seriously. And be consistent. Don’t just upload one or two videos and forget about it. Think of property videos as an ongoing, essential part of your content marketing efforts.

And remember to also push video beyond your website. Utilize social media, YouTube, video in email and consider sending out video-based ads on multiple platforms. Finally, be innovative. Real estate is a highly visual industry that lends itself well to video. Get ahead of the competition by approaching video in new and exciting ways.

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