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15 Corporate Videos To Inspire Your Next Campaign

15 Corporate Videos To Inspire Your Next Campaign

You want to make a great corporate video for your company, but you don’t know where to start. Making corporate videos can be intimidating because so many things need to be considered before filming even begins.

There’s a lot of pressure on the video creator, and it’s hard not to feel like it has to be perfect, or else people won’t watch it. Luckily, we have put together this step-by-step guide to take all the guesswork out of creating a great corporate video.

This article is full of helpful tips, tricks and examples of corporate video production that will have you making your own in no time.

What Is A Corporate Video?

A corporate video is a type of marketing communication that uses video to promote a company, product, or service. It is a very effective way to reach out to potential customers and clients and can be used on websites, social media platforms, and even at trade shows and other events.

Below are our top 15 corporate videos which we use to inspire our marketing videos.

1. Viddyoze – Fade To Black: From Broke to $30 million, This is Joey’s Story

Viddyoze is a successful video software company that lets anyone make stunning animated videos in just three clicks. For its corporate video, Viddyoze chose to focus on its founder Joey Xoto and his story of going from broke to building a company that’s made over $30 million to date. We hear from Joey and those who know him in the corporate video.

It appeals to Viddyoze’s audience of other founders and SMEs looking to achieve similar success. The corporate video helped contribute to Viddyoze’s growth in 2020, more than 300% on the year before.

2. Coca-Cola – Coca Cola Christmas Trucks

Corporate branding videos don’t get more iconic than the Coca-Cola Christmas Trucks advert. A version of this excellent corporate video gets shown every year, further cementing the brand’s association with the festive season. Instead of focusing on the people, the processing plant, or the distribution centers that make Coca-Cola a global machine, the video distills the excitement of Christmas, forging the connection in people’s minds.

The overall message that the company wants to convey is that Coca-Cola creates happiness. The adverts have reached millions of viewers in more than 100 different countries. In 2014 the campaign was voted as the UK’s favorite Christmas advertisement ever and between 2011-15 approximately 3.5 million visitors came to see the trucks, some waiting hours to receive a free Coke.

3. HubSpot – HubSpot Culture

To make inbound marketing software more accessible, Hubspot chose a cheesy 90s inspired video format. The 8-bit animations create nostalgia for HubSpot’s target audience of senior marketers and CEOs. It also shows the company doesn’t take itself too seriously.

As a sales pitch, this company video does a great job of showing HubSpot’s team spirit and says “we have a great tool, but we’re also fun to work with.” The purpose of the corporate video is half branding and half recruitment. It helped the company successfully grow its revenue to over $670 million, its customer base to over 73,000 and the number of employees to over 3800 globally.

4. Spotify – Spotify Running

It’s hard to tell from looking at Spotify’s video whether it’s a music streaming service or a creative sportswear brand. But that’s the point as Spotify expands into new territory, so its corporate message evolves. Fast-paced with upbeat music, it proves that company videos don’t have to be boring.

Spotify eventually retired the feature three years after launch, to the disappointment of its online community. Over 800 customers commented on the post denouncing the decision to remove Spotify Running from the app.

5. Apple – 1984

The corporate video that helped make Apple a household name. Apple enlisted director Ridley Scott, whose Oscar-nominated film Blade Runner had been released only a year-and-a-half prior. The advert, which went on to win several awards, helped position Apple as a challenger brand while having a subtle dig at its more corporate competitors like IBM and Microsoft.

Nearly 40 years after it first aired, Apple continues to develop innovative ways to talk about itself as a disruptive brand. It was created to boost sales of the Macintosh 512K, the first from Apple designed to be used by the average person. Within 100 days of the ads debut at Super Bowl XVIII, Apple had sold 72,000 computers.

6. Formula 1 – F1 Exclusive: Christian Horner’s Red Bull Garage Tour

Formula 1 has the tough job of trying to beat football, soccer, basketball, and a host of other sports for people’s attention. Putting Red Bull Racing principal Christian Horner, one of the sport’s most knowledgeable people, in front of the camera was a move that paid off.

Stepping away from the race track and into the Milton Keynes race factory reveals the skill and effort behind a title-winning team winning. From start-to-finish, this is an engaging showcase of the engineering innovation which is needed to win races.

The whole video production is a great piece of brand positioning to attract new fans to the F1 franchise. It’s one of Formula 1’s most watched corporate videos that doesn’t feature live action from race day. Not bad for a factory tour, eh?

7. British Airways – British Airways Safety Video – Director’s Cut

Airline British Airways’ business video features a who’s who of British movie stars, comedians, and celebrities.

Each one was handpicked to appeal to a broad cross-section of the British public, including Asim Chaudhry, who plays fictional character Chabuddy G on the British sitcom People Just Do Nothing who helps the video resonate with a younger client base.

The company video also makes a subtle nod to its Corporate Social Responsibility partnership with the charity Comic Relief. It has been seen over 20.5 million times, making it one of the company’s most watched corporate videos to date. 

8. Dissolve – This Is a Generic Brand Video, By Dissolve

Many of the best corporate videos leverage humor to make them memorable. Stock video footage provider Dissolve does this better than most.

We can’t think of a better way for Dissolve to promote their service than making a corporate video which is a mashup of the visuals on their platform. Rather than trying to convince people otherwise, Dissolve leans into how cliched stock footage is with hilarious results.

The video showcase received wide online media coverage including Fast Company, Ad Age, Adweek, Mashable, Gizmodo, Mediaite and TIME. It’s been watched more than 2.7 million times on YouTube with over 650K views on Vimeo. During launch week, visits to its website increased by 9x, while site signups and sales revenue both increased by 6x.

9. Dollar Shave Club – Our Blades Are F***ing Great

Some viral videos are timeless, and in our humble opinion, this is a great example of a promotional video that still hits home. First released in 2012, it’s just as fresh and funny today as a decade ago. The footage captures peoples’ attention through humor before conveying its underlying point that Dollar Shave Club cares about its customers and wants them to know how much better its products are than its competitors.

The video helped launch Dollar Shave Club to success until it was eventually acquired by Unilever for a reported $1 billion. Why did Unilever pay such an unprecedented price tag? As analysts began to explain, it wasn’t about revenue. It was about the company’s relationships with customers, and consumers at large. Relationships that began with possibly the greatest startup launch video of all time.

10. Shopify – UNITE: Mobilizing Entrepreneurship

Shopify is a Canadian company that provides eCommerce software and services for small businesses. Rather than talk about its complicated products, Shopify uses its corporate video production to shine a spotlight on its customers, the entrepreneurs who use Shopify in everyday life.

This fantastic and emotional short film shows examples of people worldwide who share a passion for running their businesses. It tugs on viewers’ heartstrings and helps position Shopify as a force for good.

Along with raising brand awareness, the video also helped launch the second annual Unite conference in San Francisco – a network of 1200 partners, app developers, and Shopify experts driving forward the future of commerce.

11. John St. – Catvertising

John St. is a Canadian advertising agency known for its unconventional and often humorous work. They created the corporate video ‘Catvertising’ to raise brand awareness for their new business division, specializing in creating marketing campaigns for pet-related companies.

The creative video is highly successful in achieving its goal. It makes people laugh while also delivering the company’s message effectively. The result was more sales and a stronger brand identity. The video has been watched over 2.5 million times on YouTube, more than twice as many as John Street’s second most popular video.

12. Airbnb – Living a Richer Life

Airbnb is a company that helps people find places to stay when they’re traveling. In January 2012 it cast 38 hosts in 7 countries and had them share their stories about why they were hosting on Airbnb. That one video was cut down to produce 8 different business videos, launching Airbnb’s first integrated marketing campaign, “Live a Richer Life”.

It was the first time Airbnb had used faces and stories as part of the host acquisition flow. It saw a 3% conversion rate increase from the page and into the hosting funnel. That footage was also repurposed into testimonials, educational videos, ads, and stories. Showing hosts who use Airbnb as a second source of income was a move that paid off.

Showing successful hosts was a great way of helping the business grow in those early stages by encouraging more people to do the same. The result was more Airbnb hosts and, in return, more guests. 

13. GEICO – How Old Is The Gecko?

The GEICO Gecko is one of the most recognisable mascots in advertising history. The Gecko made its first appearance in 1999, voiced by actor Kelsey Grammer and announcing “This is my final plea: I am a gecko, not to be confused with GEICO, which could save you hundreds on car insurance. So, stop calling me.” 

What makes this concept such a smashing success is the clever play on words and humor which firmly plants the brand name in the watchers minds.

The campaign has spawned multiple copycats, including Compare the Market which uses a CGI meerkat in many of its adverts. The Gecko was a hit from the get-go and has featured in over 200 adverts, even recognised on the Advertising Week Walk of Fame.

14. GoPro – Fireman Saves Kitten

At its core, a corporate video is a powerful tool used to reach potential clients. These videos need to be engaging for an audience to want to spend time watching them.

One corporate video that manages to accomplish this is GoPro, which tells a great human story of an unsung hero, a brave firefighter, rescuing a kitten from a burning building.

The video perfectly conveys the brand’s message ‘be a hero’ and succeeds in its mission to illicit a strong emotional response from its visuals.

The video topped YouTube viral charts at the time and has been shared over one million times. It even won the 2014 Advertising Age Viral Video Award celebrating the best of brand storytelling.

15. Bombas Socks – Better Socks, Better World

D2C brand Bombas Socks sells an everyday essential. So, to stand out in a crowded market it focused on its origin story, the quality of its product and the fact that for every pair sold it donates another pair to charity. Like the product, the corporate video is authentic and down-to-earth.

The video helped Bombas Socks raise over $136,000 on crowdfunding website Indiegogo from over 2,700 backers, more than 9x its original goal of $15,000. To date, the company has made over 50 million donations and counting.

How To Create Your Own Corporate Videos

When done right, corporate videos are an effective way to raise brand awareness and motivate people to buy your products or services.

The only problem is that creating a great corporate video requires expert videography skills. If you don’t have a team member with knowledge of editing, scene transitions, or effects it’s likely that your video will miss the mark with your audience.

Your other option is to outsource the project but that’s an easy way to run up costs fast.

So what should you do? Turn to Viddyoze!

Viddyoze is an online video creation tool which gives you access to expert corporate video templates, which you can then customize with your own branding, to create professional videos in minutes.

The Viddyoze platform is easy to use and enables your brand to post video content which will achieve your marketing goals without blowing your budget. Get started creating corporate videos now!


There you have it, our guide and examples to some of the best corporate videos of all time with plenty of ideas to make a memorable corporate video of your own.

Whatever your goal, whether raising brand awareness, attracting new customers, or fundraising, company videos are a great way to get there.

At the same time, corporate videos need to be high quality and capture your audience’s attention.

With Viddyoze, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Just pick a template, add your text and logo, and hit publish. Your video will be ready in minutes, and it’ll look amazing.

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