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Product Video Marketing Best Practices And Examples (2023)

Product Video Marketing Best Practices And Examples

Ask yourself a few questions. Do customers keep buying your products and sending them back? Worse still, are people not buying your products at all? Either way, the problem is the same: your customers don’t understand your products properly. Well, that all ends here, with video.

Product videos for marketing are essential to selling products. They increase understanding, which helps with conversions and sales. Just look at the facts: 94% of marketers admit that video has helped improve user understanding of a product or service they sell, according to Hubspot.

At Viddyoze, we understand this. This is why we’ve spent most of the last 10 years designing a software product that gives small businesses the ability to create effective product marketing video content.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to make product videos that convert viewers into buyers, what kinds of product videos you should be making, and a few best practice tips for creating quality video content.

What Is A Product Marketing Video?

A product marketing video is a piece of video content that has the sole purpose of generating sales demand for the featured product. Within the video content, your product is heavily showcased and the benefits it provides are made clear to viewers.

7 Types Of Product Videos And How To Use Them

  1. Influencer Reviews
  2. Product Launch Teasers
  3. Industry Case Studies
  4. Product Explainer Videos
  5. Full Product Demonstrations
  6. Product Tutorials
  7. Customer Testimonials

A good product video is easy to define. It focuses solely on a single product, highlighting its benefits and uses in an engaging, easy-to-understand way. Here are 7 different product video examples.

1. Influencer Reviews

From Ryan’s World to Unbox Therapy, unboxing channels are insanely popular on YouTube. Even if you were to watch “Love Actually” 20 million times, you’d still fall short of the amount of time people spend watching unboxing videos on YouTube (Google).

So, what exactly are they? Essentially, it’s a review. An influencer takes your product, “unboxes” it (that’s internet speak for “opens”), and tests it out. They make the content; you piggyback on their reach and credibility.

Simple really. But a word to the wise: choose your influencer very carefully. Look for someone who reviews similar products to yours, with a similar audience.

2. Product Launch Teasers

A product launch teaser does precisely what it says on the tin: it teases your next product launch, building hype before the big release. Apple has created a cult-like following with this type of video marketing content – here’s one of its latest.


As you can see from the Apple example, the key to launch teasers is hype. You don’t need to spend minutes reeling off the many benefits of your stuff: just let the audience know there’s something new coming in a stylish way.

The aim here is to create awareness. Point to a specific launch date, but other than that, keep things vague – mystery sells!

3. Industry Case Studies

Does your product help doctors? Maybe it’s brilliant for construction workers, or lawyers, or accountants. Whichever profession it is (it could be more than one), create a case study product video to show how it helps them.

These videos are niche by definition, which helps target a specific set of potential customers. For the best results, make sure your product video content shows your product in action, being used by a real-life client.

In general, it’s best to split case study promotional product videos into three sections:

  1. introducing the problem
  2. how your product solves the issue
  3. the outcome

4. Product Explainer Videos

Explainer content is one of the most watched types of video content on the internet for a reason: it is easy to make and it adds tons of value for the viewer.

Product marketing videos like this are used to eliminate confusion for the buyer. In a nutshell, you just explain what your existing product is and what it’s used for. For example, if you make toothbrushes, you explain that your product helps maintain good dental health.

Explainers work well as intro content. In fact, it could be the first time a user sees your product and brand. Got a little bit of budget? Make your product marketing video extra memorable with a celebrity or influencer host.

5. Full Product Demonstrations

With over half of consumers using video to make a buying decision, according to Google, clear, compelling product video content is a must for brands.

Product demo videos (sometimes called how to videos) are one of the best ways to showcase your product in full. Slightly longer than an explainer video, this type of content goes into the granular detail of your product’s spec.

Let’s use Viddyoze as an example here. For an explainer, we’d make a short product marketing video that tells you how our software can help you create engaging video content. With a product demo, we’d walk you through how the product actually works, showing you how easy it is to create a video. A free demo is a great piece of MOFU (middle of funnel) content.

6. Product Tutorials

Whereas product demo videos give a general overview of your product’s major USP, product tutorials take a more in-depth look at an individual product feature.

For example, you could create a series of short tutorials (think two-minute product marketing videos) highlighting each feature. Let’s stick with Viddyoze here. Our product tutorials show you how to make specific videos using our software:

These are great for two reasons: They can be used to promote your product to a new target audience, and they can be used to educate current users. Build desire, increase brand awareness, and improve customer loyalty, all at the same time.

For maximum effect, post these videos to multiple distribution channels, such as your blog landing page, YouTube channel, and social accounts.

7. Customer Testimonials

A recent survey from Bright Local found that 76% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from friends and family. You can go one step further with a testimonial video, adding extra value and trust to your reviews.

A convincing testimonial is the single best way to create social proof (consumers copying the behavior of other consumers). For maximum impact, ensure your subjects address all the main concerns about your product.

Before filming your testimonial, compile a list of every excuse you’ve heard from a consumer as to why they didn’t buy your product, then rephrase them as questions to ask your subjects.

For example:

“Your Product Is Too Expensive” becomes, “Did you find [product name] to be good value for money?”

For potential customers, watching regular people address the pre-purchase concerns they have, plus disarming those concerns with their own success stories, is a powerful way to close the sale.

As most people only watch testimonials when it’s time to buy, this is super effective bottom-of-the-funnel content. Get it right and your sales numbers should increase.

Marketing Best Practices For Product Videos

  • Express Your Product’s Ease Of Use
  • Focus On Problems Over Features
  • Present A High Likelihood Of Success
  • Subtitle Or Caption Your Videos
  • Use Actors Who Match Your Customer Avatar
  • Include Subtle Brand Touchpoints
  • Make the First 7 Seconds Count
  • Call Viewers To Action

Express Your Product’s Ease Of Use

When it comes to selling a product, simplicity is a marketer’s best friend. With that in mind, don’t create a long-winded explanation for your product video. Instead, keep things short and sharp.

The easier your product is to understand, the more people are likely to buy it. This is the most important rule in video marketing, so be sure to stick to it.

Focus On Problems Over Features

Most users don’t want a detailed technical explanation: they want to know how your product will help them solve a problem. Give it to them in clear, plain English. Here’s an example. Say you’re selling running trainers:

DON’T SAY: Our new sole is made from hyper-dense silicon, created using state-of-the-art rubber molding technology (made up).

DO SAY: Our new sole has responsive cushioning and secure support to push you towards your personal best (actual product marketing copy from Nike).

Present A High Likelihood Of Success

As we’ve touched upon in the previous point: people are purchasing your product to solve a problem they have. To close the sale, it’s important that your videos leave no doubt in the viewer’s mind that your product WILL solve the problem.

You can do this by showing off your wins and successes, through highlighting the end results in your product video marketing. To do this, you can either use individual case studies, or run a survey of existing customers to get some hard stats for your product’s success rates. To keep things concise and direct, focus on script writing before you shoot. This will also save you time in the long run, with fewer video takes needed.

Subtitle Or Caption Your Videos

The vast majority of US consumers (92%) watch content on their mobiles with the sound off. For the most part, this is due to social best practice: most platforms autoplay video on mute to avoid a sound clash. Stop those potential consumers from scrolling and add subtitles to your content.

Use Actors Who Match Your Customer Avatar

Using people in your product videos for marketing? Make sure they resemble your target audience.

The reason for this is simple: people need to see themselves in your marketing. So, if you’re marketing to a millennial audience, use millennial actors. Same goes for seniors, singles, or families.

Include Subtle Brand Touchpoints

The best marketing videos stick in the mind. Make sure your content is remembered with subtle, well-placed brand touch points. That means branded logos at the beginning of the piece, branded scene transitions, and branded lower thirds, etc.

The key here is to ensure all branded touchpoints are seamlessly integrated, and that they don’t take away from the core content.

Make the First 7 Seconds Count

Product intros are very important. In those first 7 seconds, a viewer will judge your content, and decide whether to stick around or bounce. That means your intro must be front-loaded with your best content. Don’t start your product content with a long, drawn-out sequence. Get to the point, fast. A catchy line highlighting your customers’ main painpoint is a good way to start.

Call Viewers To Action

Used right, a call to action will increase click-through and improve your conversion rate. In a product video, it’s best practice to use a CTA mid-video, telling your viewer exactly what to do next. That could be “subscribe to our newsletter”, “visit our site for more information”, or “download our free ebook to receive your discount”. For the best results, repeat your CTA again at the end of the product video.

How To Make An Effective Product Video

So, now you know which type of product video works best, and why they work. Next, it’s time to learn how to make effective, compelling product videos to promote your business.

The main problem for most brands is the cost. It used to be that to film and produce a high-quality product video, you’d need a studio, a ton of equipment (cameras, lenses, and lighting just for starters), and a trained videographer to film and edit the whole thing.

Luckily, there is another way to create a product marketing video: Viddyoze.

Using our simple software, you can make expert-level product marketing videos in a matter of minutes.

Just log into our app, select a product video template from our library, write your text, upload your product images and logo, download and then post. It’s that easy to make a convincing product marketing video.

Revolutionize your video marketing today with professional video. Click here to get started or watch the video below for more info.

Where To Post Your Product Videos

  • Your Website’s Landing Pages
  • YouTube
  • On Social Media Platforms As Ads

Successful product marketing is as much about where you post, as it is about quality creative. As an absolute minimum, you need to be using the following distribution channels.

Your Website’s Landing Pages

Landing pages not converting? You could increase conversions by 80% (Business2Community) just by adding video.

For a business, the obvious place to host video is the product pages. It goes without saying that each product you sell should have its own dedicated page, but many companies opt for copy only. This is a mistake. In addition, each page should have a unique explainer product video to accompany the sales copy.

As an added bonus, landing pages hosting video tend to rank better in terms of SEO. In fact, Google says that video is 50x more likely to rank organically compared to text.

For more information, check out this expert guide: Video Marketing For Websites: Drive Traffic And Improve UX


YouTube offers an enormous opportunity for brands. Not only does it have over 2 billion active monthly viewers, but it also happens to be the second largest search engine on the planet.

On top of that, it drives sales. In a global survey by Google, it found that over 40% of shoppers had bought something after discovering it on YouTube. People also head to YouTube to read product reviews while conducting their research.

In short, every product video you make should be posted to YouTube. For maximum impact, ensure each video is optimized properly. You can find out how to do that here.

On Social Media Platforms As Ads

The best thing about a product video is that it can be used at the top, middle, and bottom of the customer journey funnel.

Using the advanced PPC (paid advertising) settings on platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other channels, you can use this content to target potential consumers based on where they are in the buyer’s cycle. By serving the right content at the right time, you’ll improve your chances of conversion.

Here’s an example of the types of content you should be sharing, and when, during the customer journey:

  • TOFU (top of funnel) – explainer videos, and how to videos
  • MOFU (middle of funnel) – industry case studies
  • BOFU (bottom of the funnel) – customer testimonials

By now, hopefully, you’re overflowing with ideas for product marketing videos. To give you a little added inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of the best product video examples out there.

Product Video Examples For eCommerce

Do you run an online store? Check out these product marketing videos for eCommerce businesses.

Cazoo – The Better Way To Sell Your Car

This is a great example of an explainer video from Cazoo, an online car-selling platform. The video clearly outlines their product’s key features, showing how it will help the viewer sell their car quickly and easily.

There are tons of subtle brand touch points in this video (try to count how many times Cazoo’s logo pops up); they focus on the problems of selling a car that Cazoo solves, and the ad makes success feel like a foregone conclusion.

Your Super – Feel Better in Just 5 Days

Your Super sells plant-based smoothies and detox packs. No surprise then, that the brand is all about healthy living and feeling good – which comes across in this video. This video is a full product demonstration that shows potential customers how to detox with Your Super’s five-day plan.

When making product videos for ecommerce, the start (a strong hook) and end (a strong call to action) are super important. You Super smashes it for both. The video immediately catches the viewer’s attention with the opening line: “If you feel stuck in your life…”, and finishes strong with a powerful, bold call to action.

Video Examples For Product Launches

Each following product video example would be ideal for a new product launch.

Apple – The new MacBook Air | Supercharged by M2


Look familiar? We used this one earlier as an example of a product launch teaser – and it’s easy to see why. The video style is slick, engaging, and fun, appealing to Gen Z with a younger actor.

The teaser puts the Apple Macbook Air front and center of the ad, listing off exciting features (you might not know what a “magic keyboard” is but after watching this, we’ll bet you want one), without going into any real detail. Note that the video ends leaving the customer wanting more – exactly what you want from a launch content.

July – Meet the July Weekender Plus: Clamshell Duffel Bag

You’ve got to love the simplicity of this ad from high-end luxury brand July. It has all the characteristics of a full product demo, and it’s one of the most convincing you’re ever likely to see.

The background music is sparse and on-trend (much like the audience), the important features are ticked off, there’s tons of great product footage, and it gets potential buyers excited to travel.

Best Product Videos Of 2022

A winning strategy needs exceptional video marketing. The following examples of product marketing video represent the best of the year so far.

Deliverr – What is Deliverr?

Deliverr provides small businesses with the ability to deliver their products in 2 days. The video keeps things simple, and, without providing a deep dive into the logistics of Deliverr, it shows the viewer the benefits of using the service.

Another excellent explainer, the video starts with the opening line, “Your customers expect fast 1- to 2-day delivery”, laying down a gauntlet to viewers. It tells them, this is what you need to provide to succeed, and we can help you.

Google – Lizzo in Real Tone #SeenOnPixel


Using real people and their experiences, Google has gone for a very emotive video style in this ad. This is a brilliant example of a thoughtful, creative customer testimonial.

The video outlines the problem (that modern camera technology doesn’t work well for people with darker skin tones) and shows how the product solves this. The success rate is high and the benefits are obvious.

BMW – BMW iX Super Bowl 2022 Commercial

One video you won’t forget in a hurry: BMW enlists Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek to plug its latest car during the super bowl. It’s big, bold, and brilliant.

Obviously, no one needs a BMW, so instead, the brand focuses on something else here. This is a luxury electric car. Given the worsening climate emergency, this advert “solves” the problem of emissions by promoting said product and without losing the prestige that comes with owning a BMW.

Final Thoughts

A product video is one of the most powerful pieces of content in a brand’s arsenal. That’s not a marketing statement, it’s just a fact: a whopping 84% of consumers have been convinced to buy a product after watching a video, according to Optinmonster.

Without Viddyoze, creating multiple videos at scale is a long, expensive process. Using our software, video marketing is fast and effective. Add more value to your product or service with world-class product video content. Join the Viddyoze revolution now.


How do I make a product marketing video?

The quickest and easiest way is to use Viddyoze. Our easy-to-use software lets you create studio quality product videos in just 3 clicks.

What should a product video include?

Product video content should highlight your product USPs, the problems it solves for customers, and include a call to action.

Why is video in marketing important?

Video is the internet’s preferred way of consuming content online. By creating content in the style that your customers most want to engage with, you dramatically improve the likelihood of them interacting with your marketing materials and remembering your messaging.

Do videos help sell products?

Yes! According to Hubspot, 86% of marketers say video has been effective for generating leads, up another 2% from 2021 and up 5% since 2019

What are the benefits of product videos for eCommerce websites?

Studies have proven that adding product videos to your landing pages increases the conversion rate. Adding videos to your eCommerce site is an easy way to get more sales.

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