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Home » Blog » Why All Businesses Need To Create Video Content For YouTube: Upcoming Webinar

Why All Businesses Need To Create Video Content For YouTube: Upcoming Webinar

We are very proud to announce that Viddyoze will be hosting a very special and free webinar in partnership with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) on Friday 26 March 2021. The virtual event, which is part of the FSB’s ongoing effort to offer invaluable support and guidance to small businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic, is all about why businesses need to create video content for YouTube.

YouTube Is More Important Than Ever

It’s a no-brainer really, as YouTube is a hugely popular and powerful platform that has gone from strength to strength and, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok — to name but a few — established itself as a fundamental and daily part of our digital lives. And beyond its entertainment value and its increasing usefulness to viewers — think educational videos, instructional videos and so on — it’s now a key component for any marketing strategy.
Meaning if you’re not on YouTube and not making engaging and helpful content on a regular basis, you’re missing out on a whole load of opportunities. After all, it’s the most visited website in the world — everyone, including your customers, is on YouTube more often than not.

New To Video? No Problem

If you’re new to all of this, that’s no problem . our webinar is designed to draw your attention to some basic fundamentals and point you in the right direction. Presented by the brilliantly talented Dan Stoner, Senior Cinematographer and Creative Director at Viddyoze, and hosted by Tina Connor, Partnerships & Events Co-ordinator — we will touch on the following:
  • Why YouTube doesn’t have to cost you a fortune (in its simplest form it’s free to join and use)
  • Why YouTube is great for SEO (in of itself and for Google)
  • Why YouTube is a fantastic platform for engagement
  • How YouTube lets you deliver unprecedented reach
  • How YouTube provides you with fantastic insight with
There’s more, but we don’t want to give it all away. Instead, we will leave you with a few parting Dan: “Every small business needs to be making video content on YouTube to engage, teach or educate their existing and potential customers about their brand, as well as their products or services. “It’s a massively untapped market. And in this webinar, I cover the basics on reaching it.”
If we’ve piqued your interest and you’re a small business or self-employed, do please sign up to the free webinar on why all businesses need to create video content now via this link. Further, if you’re a member of the FSB, we have put together a very special offer — a 30-day free trial of our powerful video animation subscription service, the Template Club. You can find more info on this here. Inspired? Then read these resources:
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