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How To Use Branded Video Content To Build An Audience

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Branded video content has become a must-have for business growth.

Why? Because the internet loves watching videos. Statistically, 92% of people in the United States stream video content.

If you’re not creating branded video content, you’re ignoring the reality of modern marketing: customers expect video content from your brand.

Video is their favorite way to consume information, entertain themselves, and research products online.

By ignoring video content, you’re not part of the conversation. It’s isolating your brand from a huge segment of your target audience.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to teach you how to get started with branded video content.

We’ll cover the different types of branded videos, provide marketing video content ideas that you can create immediately, and provide examples of successful brand videos.

Viddyoze is the expert in branded video. Using our software, thousands of well-known brands have told their story and achieved their goals. Here, we’re going to show you how you can do the same.

What Is Branded Video Content?

Branded video content is marketing videos created with the purpose of increasing your brand recognition among your target audience.

Unlike traditional advertising, branded videos do not always promote products or services directly. Instead, branded videos focus on educating and entertaining their audience with a view to building a positive brand association that can be leveraged to bring in customers further down the line.

Branded Video Statistics

  • 86% of consumers say that branded content has played a part in their purchases – Wyzowl
  • 54% of people want to see more video content from a brand they follow – Hubspot
  • LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to share a video compared to other content – LinkedIn
  • 45% of people want to see more live video from brands they follow – Sprout Social
  • 64% of consumers said they’d bought something after viewing a brand’s video on social media – Tubular Insights
  • 82% of consumers say they feel more positive about a brand after consuming customized content – Demand Metric

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3 Types Of Branded Video Content

  1. Sponsored Partnerships
  2. Self-Produced Content Series
  3. Corporate Videos

From explainer tutorials and narrative-driven documentaries to behind-the-scenes videos and case studies, branded video comes in many different forms.

Chances are, you’ve interacted with a branded piece of content today – maybe in your inbox or your social media feeds.

The point is that video branding is everywhere. Done right, it can be a key element in brand growth, driving engagement, awareness, and leads. For a modern brand, this type of visual storytelling is a must for your marketing strategy.

To help you produce video content that will work for your brand, we’ve highlighted 3 types of effective branded video marketing.

Sponsored partnerships are very simple. Usually, it works like this: a brand offers to sponsor an existing video series in return for reach and exposure.

It’s very subtle – usually not much more than a logo, a mention at the beginning of the video, and your products being placed and used throughout the video – but it does build your brand long-term.

Sponsored partnerships are very popular on YouTube (one billion active users, remember). All you need to do is find a popular YouTube channel that matches your audience, pay to sponsor an episode, and insert your logo and products.

Take a look at Omaze sponsoring Garret Watts, or Tums teaming up with the popular interview show Hot Ones for specific examples.
Benefits Of A Sponsored Partnership

Sponsored partnerships have the following advantages for brands:

  • Most of the hard work is already done for you. The creator has made the content; you just throw your name in there for positive association.
  • It offers direct access to your core demographic. The show you partner with already speaks to tons of people that would love to buy your product.
  • It markets itself. If this content is shareable, it’s more likely to go viral, which means more eyeballs on your brand for very little effort on your part.
  • It’s a non-intrusive experience. You don’t disrupt the viewer’s experience like you might with a traditional ad – the viewers choose to tune in.
  • It adds value. The content is likely to be either entertaining or informational. Both add value to the viewer, and your brand becomes associated with that.

2. Self-Produced Content Series

If you’ve got the time and the resources, create your own video content series to strengthen your brand. Well over half (61%) of people say they are more likely to buy from a brand that delivers unique content, according to Contently.

The core principles remain the same. Like a sponsored partnership, the goal here is to educate or entertain, not hard sell.

Give your audience great content (with video branding, of course) that they can use regardless of whether they buy your product/service or not. This builds trust and credibility for your company, the starting point for a relationship with your customer.

For example, if you’re a personal trainer, you could create a video series where you show the viewer how to execute an exercise using the proper technique. Realtor? Make a series debunking common myths about buying a house. Sell cakes? Create a series of simple recipes.
Benefits Of Self-Produced Content Series

Self-produced content series has the following advantages for brands:

  • Generate more buzz for your company and build a direct audience.
  • Total creative control. You decide what goes in your marketing content and when you post it. Plus, you get to engage with comments and questions yourself.
  • Create something shareable, and you could strike lucky on a viral video.
  • It’s a non-intrusive experience.
  • It adds value. Keep it entertaining or instructional (or both), and viewers will return for more.

3. Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are the traditional types of content you see most businesses sharing on their socials on a regular basis. They also make for some of the best branding videos.

This could be a product video, a short documentary about your company values, or a recruitment video.

Unlike the previous examples, this content is all about the hard sell. Each video has an immediate action that viewers should take, whether that’s to buy a product or apply for a job.

Typically, this content is used at the “conversion” stage of the marketing funnel, so it tends to get hard results (sales, leads, etc) and a better ROI. It’s also way more branded. Think of an animated logo, lower-third, branded transitions, and outros.
Corporate Video Benefits

Corporate video content has the following advantages for brands:

  • Bigger return on investment for your company. This content is used to get a buyer over the line, so it tends to create more tangible results.
  • It’s multi-purpose content. You can cut longer content down and use the pieces for other marketing objectives, such keeping your social media profiles active.
  • It converts. This kind of video content is used at the end of the sales funnel when you want viewers to take action.
  • It’s all about you. This video content focuses entirely on your product – no sharing the limelight.

Branded Video Content Ideas

  • Web Series & Podcast Recordings
  • Case Studies
  • Expert Interviews
  • Charity Partner Or Cause Awareness Videos
  • Product USP Videos
  • Promotion Announcements
  • Live Chat FAQs
  • How To Videos
  • Company Culture
  • Testimonials

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Video isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Each of the following branded video content ideas will work in different ways for different companies.

Likewise, your target audience and marketing goals will also play a part. In each example, we’ll explain how each branded video should be used and the outcomes you can expect.

Web Series & Podcast Recordings

Everyone loves a podcast. In fact, the number of American listeners has increased by 30% in the last three years alone, reports Triton Digital.

Not only are podcasts great for increasing brand awareness but they also help to establish your company as a thought leader in your industry sector.

In order to make a good podcast, it’s best to play to your strengths. Keep the topic industry-specific, and focus on adding value through tips, expert insights, and analysis.

Once you’ve recorded your podcast and uploaded it to the usual suspects (Spotify, Apple, etc), you can create short teaser animations (the best comments or talking points) to share on social media.

Alternatively, you could film the whole interview and upload that as a separate piece of branded video content.

Case Studies

Case studies are an awesome way for brands to attract new clients and boost sales.

When you throw video into the mix, this type of content is even more effective. Viewers will retain 95% of your message from a video compared to just 10% with text (Insivia).

The point here is to tell a story about your brand; a successful branded video case study should be emotive, easy to share, and persuasive.

Generally, there are three types of case studies that most brands make:

  • A client testimonial case study – a success story from one of your customers
  • Hypothesis testing case study – the back story of a new product or service that you’re working on
  • A narrative-driven case study – a long-form piece similar to a mini-documentary

Expert Interviews

Expert interviews are the perfect way to position yourself as an industry thought leader and increase your credibility.

If you’re targeting decision-makers, such as CEOs or MDs, this stuff is gold – 53% of decision-makers increased the amount of business they did with a brand after viewing thought leadership (Edelman).

This type of branded video content works best when approached subtly. It should be a non-disruptive experience for the viewer and avoid self-promotion and product placement.

Think of an expert interview as a valued piece of content: you’re helping to grow your brand awareness by giving out expert insight for free.

Well, not exactly free. Be sure to include a strong call to action promoting the viewer to sign up or join your mailing list. Educate now; convert later.

Charity Partner Or Cause Awareness Videos

If you partner with a charity, make a promo video to showcase the fantastic work they do.

Video like this has an emotive hook, making it all the more powerful and engaging. With some subtle branding, your audience will naturally associate your business with the charity, boosting brand awareness and raising your credibility.

So, what type of video should you make? Here are a few ideas:

  • An interview with a senior leader from your pattern charity
  • A day-in-the-life video shot onsite at the charity’s HQ
  • A documentary-style video focusing on your charity’s work

This is a great way to promote your brand’s values, too. Do it right, and you’ll form a bond with your target demographic.

Product USP Videos

You have someone on the cusp of hitting that “buy” button. You need that little something extra to get them over the line.

Now’s the time to introduce them to your product video marketing.

By this point, the buyer’s research is done. The decision to buy is pretty much made. This video should reel off the USPs of your brand’s product, soothing any lingering doubts the viewer might have. As such, high-quality video production is key here.

This type of video works well on social media, as a paid ad, or as part of your email strategy (follow up abandoned carts with a branded video, for example).

While the main goal of this type of branded content is to increase sales, it can also help with your website’s video SEO. As landing pages with video often do better, be sure to host this content on the relevant product page.

Promotion Announcements

Whether you’re launching a big sale or a sweet discount deal on certain products, promotion announcements create an instant buzz about your brands.

Due to their direct message and clear CTA, this type of video is reported to have the best ROI (because who doesn’t love a bargain?). In addition, it’s great for brand awareness, too.

Don’t be afraid to go all out. The goal of these branded videos is the hard sell, so make sure it’s obvious who you are, what you’re selling, and just how good a deal you’re offering.

For maximum impact, tease your announcement weeks in advance with other marketing efforts, such as animated countdowns.

Last but not least, be sure to share these branded videos across all socials (paid and organic), and via your mailing list.

Live Chat FAQs

Simple and effective, live social media Q&A events are an engaging way to connect with audiences.

Brands love this type of branded content because it can be put together quickly and at a low cost.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Collect answers in advance on social media or through your customer service team
  • Go completely unscripted and answer questions as they come on the day

This is another great way to position yourself as an industry thought leader and boost your brand awareness.

Get the most out of your digital event and record the whole session. That way, you can edit it down later and repurpose the best bits into shareable snippets for social media.

How To Videos

How to videos (or explainer videos) are a classic piece of branded content.

Tutorials work for brands because they are insanely popular with viewers. Half of YouTube’s users are seeking educational content, according to Pew. While Hootsuite found that nearly a third of people on the web have watched this type of video.

Typically, these branded videos are used to address informational queries about a topic or issue. You know, like “how to replace a leaky faucet”, or “how to make pasta from scratch”.

The trick is to make a video that answers a common question or issue with your product as one of the solutions (or the only solution, if you’re feeling confident).

Company Culture

Modern consumers don’t just want to buy from a company. They want to believe in it, too.

Company culture videos give people an intimate look at your business, showcasing your brand’s values, mission, and culture.

We recommend some of the following ideas:

  • New hire – short interviews with a recently recruited employee
  • A day in the life – show consumers what the average day of one of your team looks like
  • Packaging/box up – a short video that follows an order from purchase to post

Not only does this help people relate to your business, but it also encourages them to buy in. On average, 66% of people say they have an emotional connection with a brand, according to Consumer Thermometer.

This type of branded content resonates with people on an emotional level, which helps forge stronger bonds with your audiences.


Modern-day word-of-mouth advertising, nothing speaks to audiences like a customer testimonial video.

Highly effective and engaging testimonial videos demonstrate your product’s social proof while building credibility and trust in your branding.

The visual element of a branded video testimonial allows you to forge a stronger connection with audiences than a written one.

With video, viewers can relate to what they’re seeing as it’s likely that the people you use in your testimonials will fit the same demographic profile as the people watching.

A powerful piece of branded video content, video testimonials work well at the beginning (the research phase) and end (the buying phase) of the sales funnel.

How To Easily Create Branded Videos

What separates top-performing brands from the competition is that they’ve mastered the awareness stage of the customer journey.

They generate a consistent stream of new customers because they’ve made it easy for their target audience to find them.

If you want to make your business more discoverable online then it’s time to invest in branded video content.

It’s soon forecasted that 82% of all consumer internet usage will be dedicated solely to watching video (Cisco).

That’s a crazy statistic! What it means for brands is this: If you’re not creating video content, you’re ignoring a large segment of your target market.

But don’t worry, Viddyoze is here to stop you losing customers.

With Viddyoze, you can create studio-quality video content in minutes with no technical skills required.

All you need to do is logon to our online app, select a video template from our library, customize it with your messaging and branding – and that’s it! Professional video content that’s ready to post.

Get started right now for freeFor a short time only, Viddyoze is offering a free seven-day trial of our video creation software.

You can access our software right now and create an unlimited amount of videos. If you’re not completely happy for whatever reason,  cancel before the trial is over and we won’t charge you a penny.

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Examples Of Branded Content Videos

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The following videos each represent the three main types of brand video: sponsored, self-produced, and corporate content.

We’ve selected our favorite examples, taken from some of the most successful companies currently making branded videos.

IBM And Star Wars

A dream collaboration from two powerhouse brands. Check out IBM’s sponsored partnership with Star Wars. May the cloud be with you.

Shopify’s Make My Space Work

An awesome example of self-produced content. This series is branded so subtly, it feels like a sponsored partnership. In reality, it was all Shopify’s own work.

Apple’s Shot on iPhone 13 Pro | Making of Park Chan-wook’s ‘Life is But a Dream’

Simple but super effective. A brilliant example of corporate content from the masters of brand, Apple.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to growing your brand and targeting audiences, branded video content is the biggest weapon in your arsenal.

Quality branded content creates credibility and trust. Sharing your values and mission, it helps create a relationship with your target demographic, which can be transformed into sales later on.

Using the three types of branded content outlined above in conjunction with video, such as tutorials, social media advertising, promo video, and live streams, brands can target new audiences with their products and services.

With Viddyoze, you can use our templates to brand your video content in a matter of minutes. It’s super fast and easy to use, with zero compromises on quality and professionalism. Start branding videos like a pro. Use Viddyoze.

Start your free trial.


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