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A Quick And Very Basic Guide To Product Videos

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Video is an important medium for marketing, communication, education and entertainment. It can inform, inspire, provoke and entertain. And, when it comes to promoting products, it can be particularly powerful. For instance, 73% of people are more likely to hand over their cash to a business after watching product videos. Not bad, eh? Read on for more insight with our quick and basic guide to product videos.

The Benefits of Product Videos

The sale is just the tip of the iceberg. Product videos are an important part of the entire online customer journey experience, from the very first contact that an individual has with a brand to the very moment they purchase (and beyond, of course: customer retention is very important).

Here’s why product videos are so good.

1) They Offer Transparency And Clarity

It can sometimes be challenging to assess a product from text and photographs alone. With a product video, you can provide more detail, from a sense of scale to how it works, whether that involves zooming in on a product to show off its features or demonstrating how the product actually works.

2) They Help Build Trust

With so many knockoffs and people looking to make a quick buck, one way to evaluate the quality of a product is to see if the brand has a product video and then to evaluate that video

Product videos are a great way of building trust because they leave very little room for ambiguity – they tend to be clear and to the point. In other words, not vague. On that basis, it’s no surprise to learn that 58% of consumers have stated that they consider businesses that create product videos to be more trustworthy.

As Viddyoze’s Joey Xoto explains in his upcoming book, Reel Gold: The No BS Guide to Selling With Video, “with so many knockoffs and people looking to make a quick buck, one way to evaluate the quality of a product is to see if the brand has a product video and then to evaluate that video”.

3) Creating Buzz And Brand Affinity

Creative product videos get people talking. Even if viewers aren’t quite ready to buy, a quality product video will stand you in good stead for the future. And, if you really impress a prospect, they may even tell others about your product – potentially generating more sales and stronger brand recognition.

4) Increase Organic Traffic

If you have a product video on your landing page – any high-quality video in fact – visitors are more likely to stick around longer. And that means low bounce rates, which is extremely important.

Why? Well, generally speaking – but not always, that’s important to stress – high bounce rates are bad for video SEO. Low bounce rates on the other hand suggest that a website – or a specific page – is relevant to a user’s search query. Which Google likes and rewards. And the higher you rank, the more organic traffic you’re going to generate – with more profitable conversions, too.

How To Create Product Videos That Sell

So now that you know what some of the benefits of product videos are, you’re probably thinking about creating them. Good. Glad to hear it. Not sure where to start? No problem – we’re here to help. Here are some tips.

1. Choose A Clear Objective

It’s important to know what your main aim is. Are you looking to drive sales, boost your brand recognition, increase traffic or educate? A video with a clear purpose is more likely to hit the right note with your target audience.

2. Identify Audience And Tone

Once you’ve identified your objective, focus on your audience. Understand what makes them tick, what their pain points and aspirations are, and what kind of benefits your product will bring them. This info, in turn, will help you figure out what kind of tone to set in your product video. It’s generally a good idea to keep things conversational.

3. Write A Script

Spontaneity is good, but we recommend always having a script for your product video. This will ensure that what you say is accurate, effective and to the point. Again, don’t get wrapped up in your own story – buyers will always want to know how your product will benefit them.

4. Pick A Strong CTA (Call To Action)

YouTube and many other video hosting platforms allow clickable annotations or buttons in videos. This is a golden opportunity to direct viewers to your website, a specific landing page or to simply gather more subscribers using a call to action (CTA).

Make sure your CTAs match your video objectives. For example, if it’s about brand awareness, then it’s probably too soon to push the ‘Buy Now’ message. Instead, offer more information with ‘Learn More’ or ‘Subscribe For More Great Videos’.

5. Have An Eye For Detail

Elevate your product videos by considering every single aspect of your shoot beforehand and while you’re at a location. Think about close-ups of your products. What angles work best? What features do you want to show in more detail? And consider where you’re filming. Is the background clear? Does it distract from the products? And so on. Branded logos, end cards and transitions will add a touch of professionalism, too.

We hope you’ve found our quick and basic guide to product videos helpful. If you have any questions about product videos or want to know more about what Viddyoze can do for you, all the info you need is right here.

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