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Home » Blog » How To Use Video Content For Halloween (5 Frighteningly Good Ideas)

How To Use Video Content For Halloween (5 Frighteningly Good Ideas)

A shot of the office area including ping pong table and smokey Halloween effects over the image – used to support an article about creating video content for Halloween.

A billion-dollar business in the US and multi-million-pound industry in the UK, Halloween is a marketing moneymaker for brands.

But beyond a few pumpkin emojis and bad puns, what can you do to make your products stand out this October?

You guessed it: video, of course. Because creating video content for Halloween is one way of standing out.

To give you a haunted helping hand, we’ve come up with 5 spook-tacular ideas (apologies for this and all puns) that’ll have your content turning heads for the right reasons this Halloween.

Make A Halloween-Themed Promo Video

Vampires. Zombies. Werewolves. Witches. Skeletons. Pretty much anything goes during Halloween… which means you don’t have to worry about going over the top with your video marketing. That’s kind of the point.

So how can you make your content extra fang-tastic? Well, there are loads of really simple ways to promote yourself with video during Halloween. Got a sale coming up? Make a scary animation to let your customers know. Running a Halloween-only discount for your products? Cue spooky video.

If nothing else, Halloween is a great excuse to plug your business. Take your usual promo video, add in a few pumpkins, the odd skeleton, a little creepy music, and a devilish font… and there you have it, a scarified promo quicker than you can say “Uncle Fester”.

Run A Spooky Comp Or Giveaway

Get your users to make a short video, tying together Halloween and your brand. Obviously, you’ve got the easy stuff (pumpkin carving, best costume, etc), but there are loads of other brand-specific things you can do, too.

Last year, we ran a Halloween-themed logo competition for our members. The premise was simple: pick a template and give the Viddyoze logo a spooky makeover. The winner bagged themselves Expert, our in-depth course that helps you create online courses (and make money at the same time).

Basically, show off your product or services features with a freaky twist

We ran the competition during October, closing a few days before Halloween. Not only did we create a bit of buzz around Viddyoze, but we also had tons of cool content to share on the day, all generated by our users.

Shoot Your Own Super Short Horror Movie

If you’ve got a little more budget – or an awesome videographer – to play with, push the Halloween boundaries out with your very own horror movie.

Mini-horror movie, that is. Okay, so it’s more of a horror advert.

Basically, show off your product or services features with a freaky twist. Renault did it with zombies. LG went for a Punk’d meets Final Destination vibe. IKEA ripped off Shining to promote late-night shopping.

You might be able to give your gear a macabre makeover, without actually having to release any new products

Need some inspiration? Just think of your favorite horror movie scene and take it from there – just try not to get sued! The above examples are a great starting point.

For the technical stuff, check out our YouTube channel. We’ve got a whole bunch of expert tutorials, tips and advice to help you shoot an epic video.

Give Your Product Or Service A Macabre Makeover

This Halloween, ask yourself one thing: what can you do to make people need your product? Well, with a bit of clever thinking, you might be able to give your gear a macabre makeover, without actually having to release any new products.

Check out Bacardi’s “Zombie” idea from 2018. The iconic drinks brand invented a new ghoulish cocktail for Halloween, using two types of Bacardi rum. Packaged up like an 80s horror flick, the promo video was watched well over 1 million times by creepy cocktail lovers all over the world.

Dior did something similar with its #DiorMakeupHalloween campaign, which showed customers how to use its products to frightening effect. Other great examples include video doorbell provider Ring and its new “haunted” ringtone, as well as cosmetic brand Urban Decay and its Halloween makeup themes.

Make A Haunting Behind The Scenes Video

Nothing builds brand trust like a bit of behind-the-scenes content – and Halloween is an awesome time to show off the fun, playful side of your business.

Maybe you’re getting ready to send out those orders from your big Halloween-themed sale – shoot them being packaged up, ready to send. Holding a costume party at work? Get a few shots of Mike from sales doing his day job dressed as Oscar The Grouch.

Or film the build-up to a Halloween event you’re hosting. Really, you can shoot anything – just make sure it shows off your people, your business and, most importantly of all, your spooky side.

This kind of stuff is great social media content. Short, engaging and human, you can share it in the month building up to Halloween and on the day itself.

Make Treats Not Tricks This Halloween

No matter what you’re selling, Halloween is about having fun – and your video marketing should reflect that. If you only have the budget and resource to create one of these ideas, choose one that you can deliver, and nail it. Remember, you’re not just trying to sell – you’re promoting your brand in a fun, fresh way.

Plus, if you need some extra inspiration for marketing your next event – check out our guide on events video marketing.

If you need some help with creating video content for Halloween, we’re here for you. We’ve got a range of Halloween templates that will do the trick (or treat). Find out more here.

Or if you’re looking for more ways to take your brand to the next level with video marketing, take a look at these hits from the Viddyoze blog:

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