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Home » Blog » 7 Best Websites With Video Content (And How They Use It)

7 Best Websites With Video Content (And How They Use It)

7 Best Websites With Video Content

Everybody knows the internet loves video content. But they don’t know how vital video marketing is for driving online sales.

When surveyed, 72% of consumers claimed they would prefer to watch a video to learn about new products or services.

That means almost 3/4 people who land on your website would rather watch a video than read the copy on your site.

If you’re not currently providing video content on your website, you’re losing customers by failing to engage with them in their preferred content format.

To help you improve your website’s conversion rate and visitors’ user experience, we’ve put together this guide of the best websites with video content.

We will examine how industry-leading websites use video; so that you can apply these ideas to your own website.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Sony website screenshot

1. Sony

  • Page URL: https://www.sony.com/en/
  • Video content: product videos and teaser trailers.
  • Video purpose: to satisfy a diverse audience, to generate sales of their consumer products, and to build excitement for their entertainment offering.

Electronics giant Sony is one of the best websites with video out there. Here, we’re looking exclusively at the brand’s homepage, where Sony serves up a ton of excellent video content right from the moment you land on their site.

First, the homepage’s above-the-fold section (arguably the most crucial part of any webpage) utilizes a carousel feature. Within the carousel, Sony provides a mix of different products, each one appealing to another type of consumer.

Below is break down of each video in the carousel and its content type:

  • Whitney Houston 360 Reality Audio: Trailer
  • The Last of Us: Trailer
  • Reconnecting With Our Family of Creators: Mini Doc
  • Kando Trip Alumni On Stage: Live Event Recap
  • Introducing Momentum: Mini Doc
  • Miley Cyrus – Flowers: Music Video

Sony goes hard with video on its homepage. As a huge entertainment and consumer products brand, Sony can’t really be sure exactly what people want to see when they land on their website, so they serve a little bit of everything. The idea is that you’ll find something here, whoever you are, whatever you’re looking for.

One thing they do know for sure is that their users would get more value from watching a video than reading about their movies, shows, or electronics, so they lean into this heavily, regardless of what the topic is.

Below the carousel, Sony’s homepage features a series of product videos, appealing directly to consumers who’ve come here to buy. The new Sony Walkman, cameras and lenses, computer games, streaming services, and movies are all featured with stunning HD video marketing ads.

As you’d expect, each piece of content is a super-slick, high-quality video to explain to visitors why they should buy this product. Naturally, website visitors are drawn in, potentially watching multiple videos in this one session.

There’s content for “creators” (professionals who may use Sony products for work), standard consumers, and people looking to be entertained.

Websites with video on the homepage tend to have a higher conversion rate. Sony is maxing out its conversion chances by casting the net wide. Now, this won’t work for everyone. Sony is a massive brand, pulling in a colossal amount of SEO traffic every day.

However, Sony proves that you can target multiple audiences with video on one homepage.

The website’s layout is clear and easy to navigate, with each piece of content directing the user to a specific product or action. All in all, one of the best websites with video on homepage.

sleep foundation website screenshot

2. Sleep Foundation

Sleep Foundation is an affiliate marketing and media company. They research and test a wide range of sleep products (mostly mattresses) and provide up-to-date sleep-related health content.

Affiliate sites generally have a bad rep when it comes to testing products. Many just review an item, having never used it as a means to generate money. Sleep Foundation is different from that, and they go to great lengths to show that they’re the real deal.

Take a look at their “Research Methodology” page. As well as text, the brand has created a series of cool explainer marketing videos for the landing page.

The videos are short and engaging, with tons of actual footage (e.g. people testing the bed), clear text graphics, and dynamic transitions between scenes.

From a UX perspective, the point of these videos is clear: to explain complex information in the simplest way possible. From a marketing point of view, the videos build trust in the brand and the product reviews they publish.

Ultimately, Sleep Foundation uses video marketing to reassure and educate potential customers.

Doing both will seriously improve the brand’s conversion rate later down the line. Not only do people retain more knowledge when watching a video, but the vast majority will also make a purchase, too. Two birds, one stone.

liquid death website screenshot

3. Liquid Death

  • Page URL: https://liquiddeath.com/
  • Video content: homepage video backgrounds.
  • Video purpose: to entertain and align themselves with their ideal customers.

If Metallica sold mineral water, the result might look something like LIQUID DEATH.

A different kind of drink brand, everything about Liquid Death comes with a hefty slab of metal culture. The death metal font, the heavy music, the gothic site aesthetic – even their water comes in aluminum cans. Talk about heavy.

The whole website is made up of background video, each highlighting a different aspect of the brand’s product, values, and personality. You’ll see traditional ad content, video explainers describing the brand’s sustainable credentials, and how-to business content, showing viewers how to become a retailer. It makes for a wild mix.

As you scroll down, new background videos appear – but it never feels overwhelming or over the top. The user experience is smooth, while each video taps into the brand’s quirky humor. Each video has a different objective – e.g. sales, education or sign-ups – but the overarching theme is comedy and entertainment.

This is a great example of how humor sells. Every video this brand creates is made to make you laugh. You could even say that Liquid Death is a content company, first and foremost. They just happen to sell tasty water, too.

But just to reiterate, humor is the key in this instance, it forges a positive connection between that brand and the consumer. This connection will convince shoppers to pick up a can of Liquid Metal over competing drinks the next time they’re in the store.

Liquid Metal shows that it has the same fun, quirky, carefree attitude as the target audience it wants to attract. Hence, people who drink it can also express their personality to people in the network just by being associated with Liquid Death.

On top of that, having large background videos like this on a website can improve SEO, dwell time and user experience. Yet another reason websites with videos perform better than those without.

While Liquid Death isn’t exclusively targeting metalheads with its video backgrounds, their irreverent humor, styling and tone of voice clearly appeal to an alternative audience. You can see it in the lead video (the first background video that appears when you land on the site). They’ve even got an entire page dedicated to wasting time.

Remember, when embedding video into a landing page, check for website video background best practices. A video background website needs to play seamlessly to have maximum impact.

preply website screenshot

4. Preply

  • Page URL: https://preply.com/
  • Video content: introductions for their tutors.
  • Video purpose: to build a connection with cold leads.

Preply is an online language learning service that connects users with tutors from all over the world. The whole thing is digital, which makes it super convenient and affordable for learners.

The tutors work freelance, with dedicated profiles showcasing their skills, qualifications, services, and personal story. These profiles need to really sell the tutor, and make them stand out from the crowd.

Of course, video is the fastest and most effective way to do this. Each Preply tutor has a short introduction video. In this video, the tutor talks about themselves and what they teach.

These video clips are really similar to the kind you see from realtors, lawyers, and recruiters. There are three reasons Preply does this:

  1. Video clips like this help create a human connection between users and tutors by showcasing their personalities
  2. A human face is a great way to close out a sale, as it helps build trust
  3. These videos save time. If a student likes the tutor, they book a lesson. If they’re not feeling it with a tutor’s video, they move on

Ultimately, the better the tutor’s video, the more likely they will win business. It’s in their interest to make quality video content.

The Preply web design is clean and easy to understand, putting the video front and center of each profile.

If your business provides services with people at its heart, video website designs like this are ideal for telling your story.

mhelpdesk website screenshot

5. mHelpDesk

  • Page URL: https://www.mhelpdesk.com/customers/
  • Video content: customer testimonials and success stories.
  • Video purpose: to use social proof to win over undecided customers and add more credibility to their products.

Service and repair businesses swear by mHelpDesk. This clever software solution builds easy-to-use mobile and online tools so businesses don’t have to worry about things like payments, hiring, invoicing and appointment scheduling.

Here, we’re looking at mHelpDesk’s testimonial landing page. Now, there’s nothing fancy about this landing page. It’s a straightforward web design, but it works.

The site page contains five video testimonials, each one from a different customer, describing how mHelpDesk has helped their business. They’re short, to the point and come across as authentic. Most importantly, they’re persuasive – the viewer believes what they’re being told.

Believable, credible video testimonials help improve conversion rates. They help nudge people over the line. We call this BOFU (bottom-of-the-funnel content) because it helps settle any final doubts a consumer might have before they finally hit “BUY”.

As you can see from mHelpDesk, these videos work best as short interviews with happy customers. In video terms, they’re easy to make – you could even create one using a smartphone.

The vast majority of people are likelier to buy a product after watching a video testimonial, according to Wyzowl. For that reason, testimonials are one of the most effective sales-generating content out there.

It’s a good idea to create a dedicated landing page for your testimonials, like mHelpDesk. This gives you a place to send interested visitors, while it can also help in terms of SEO.

investopedia website screenshot

6. Investopedia

Investopedia is a financial media website that provides information about investing to its users.

The site uses video to break down complex information, something the brand has become known for. Each page covers a topic in-depth (for example, How To Invest in Stocks), with a video summary of key points.

Websites can pull in visitors from the broader web by phrasing content as a “How To…” statement. This is great for three reasons. Firstly, people retain more information from video. It’s easier to understand and digest, as we’ve already mentioned. Secondly, it’s great for SEO.

Lastly, in terms of UX, Investopedia is nailing it. The brand provides text and video, ensuring all bases are covered for its visitors. Websites that provide multiple content types keep people on site for longer. Longer sessions, in turn, usually means more sales.

The longer you keep someone on your site, the more likely they are to carry out an action. The longer people consume your marketing content and learn about your products, the more they will progress through your funnels.

Video content is the best way to keep people browsing your content. This is why every major social media company prioritizes video content in its users’ feeds.

coca-cola website screenshot

7. Coca-Cola Company

Everybody knows Coca-Cola. Unfortunately, becoming the biggest drinks brand in the world comes at a price – a price for the environment, that is.

Coca-Cola is one of the world’s worst plastic polluters. It’s also been linked with various water pollution issues. This is a massive problem for Coca-Cola.

However, as its business model depends on plastic and water use, the brand must work extra hard to show off its pro-environment story.

Using an animated explainer video, Coca-Cola talks through its water stewardship initiatives, showing how the brand can be a force for good.

This is great PR for the brand, and it helps target the more eco-conscious customers among its audience base.

Animated video is perfect for this kind of thing. The dynamic animations stand out, grabbing users’ attention and helping to get across complex information about the initiative and how Coca-Cola has made a real impact on people’s lives.

They’re also perfect for sharing on social media sites like Facebook to drive traffic back to the brand’s website.

How To Create Videos For Your Website

At first glance, the website video examples above might seem complex and difficult to make. In reality, any business can create brilliant video content for its site.

The most important thing is getting started. Using Viddyoze, you can build a video strategy to help improve conversions, improve your website UX, and grow your brand.

Our easy-to-use software allows you to create all of the video content, used by the websites featured in this guide, in a matter of minutes. Including:

  • Product videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Personal introduction videos
  • Teaser Trailers
  • And video ads

Just sign up for Viddyoze’s marketing video maker, browse our library of video templates, choose the one you want, customize it to suit your brand, then download, and post it to your website.

Whether you’re looking to make a series of full-screen video testimonials, website background video ads, mobile browser-sized videos for PR purposes, or social media content for Facebook or Youtube, we can help.

Find out more about Viddyoze software.

Final Thoughts

Video is a massive part of modern web design. It helps improve UX, retain customers, and convert visitors.

As you’ve seen, there are endless possibilities for video and improving your business’s online performance. Whether it’s a website background video or homepage content, the best brands use video to enhance their website.

For more information about video strategy, check out the Viddyoze video maker now.

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