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CRO Strategies To Get More Customers Through Your Website

CRO Video Strategies

It’s one of the biggest marketing problems for businesses: your website is pulling in a ton of traffic, but the conversions are non-existent.

The worst thing? You can’t figure out how to change it to make things profitable.

If that sounds like you, there is a solution. It’s time to focus on your site’s video conversion rate optimization (CRO), a marketing strategy you can’t afford to overlook.

Read on and we’ll explain to you the basics of website video marketing, we’ll show you how to build an effective CRO video strategy, and show you how to create video content at scale for your website.

Ready? Let’s go.

What Is Video Conversion Rate Optimization (VCRO)?

Video conversion rate optimization (VCRO) is the process of improving your website’s conversion rate through video marketing.

In simple terms, it’s the strategic use of video to get a higher percentage of your traffic to your site’s end goal, whether that’s sales, signup forms, or subscriptions.

So how does it work? Well, we already know video marketing is incredibly important for modern businesses, with 78% of marketers saying that it has directly helped improve sales and conversions.

CRO is just as vital for businesses. It improves website efficiency by converting more of your inbound visitors into paying customers. In a nutshell, CRO is about doing more with the traffic you have rather than simply trying to get more visitors onto the site.

Increasing your site traffic is great but if your website isn’t converting than an uplift in traffic won’t necessarily correlate to an uplift in sales. Which is why it’s recommended to conversion rate optimize your website as soon as you possibly can, doing this will make all of your marketing campaigns more profitable in the long run.

To highlight just how important CRO is, we’ve rounded up some key stats:

  • The best websites have a conversion rate of 11% (the average is 2.5%)
  • 55% of companies plan to increase spending on CRO
  • Only 22% of businesses are happy with their current CRO
  • 40% of users will leave a transaction if a site takes more than 3 seconds to load (SwayHub)
  • Businesses can boost a page’s conversions by 86% with video (EyeView)

When it comes to websites, video is the strongest CRO tactic you can use.

Video allows you to engage 100% of your site visitors. By presenting the information in a text format and video on your webpages, you’re offering your site visitors a choice on how to interact with your content.

Research from Techsmith shows 83% of respondents prefer watching a video over reading text to learn or gain information.

By offering your website visitors a video to learn more about your products or promotions, they’re much more likely to engage with the content on your website and understand the key benefits. Leading to a sharp increase in conversions.

Add Testimonial Videos Onto Your Checkout Pages

CRO Benefit: provides the social proof needed for a customer to complete their purchases.

Check-out abandonment is a massive problem for digital businesses. On average, almost 70% of consumers drop out of the buyer’s journey at this point. Mobile carts have an even higher drop-off rate.

There’s no denying that this is a huge figure, and any improvement to stop cart abandonment, no matter how small, is positive for businesses and video marketers. Even a few percentage points could mean thousands more in revenue, depending on your pricing.

Testimonial videos are a proven way to convince people to complete their purchases. In fact, two-thirds of consumers are more likely to buy something after watching a testimonial video.

Customer testimonials can help improve CRO using the concept of social proof. In simple terms, this is the theory that most users will copy the actions of others.

By presenting your potential buyer with the testimonial of a happy customer, right at the moment of purchase, you’re giving yourself the best chance of a conversion. It’s the reason review culture has become so important for businesses. The opinions of other users matter.

So, by hosting testimonial video content on your checkout page, you can allay any last doubts a audience has about your product or service.

Embed Explainer Videos Onto Your Product Pages

CRO Benefit: convert more of your users into paying customers by clearly explaining the value of your products.

When it comes to getting your message across, video marketing is the best way to deliver information. Just take a look at the facts: customers retain 95% of a message when shown a video. This drops to 10% with text.

Videos, particularly animated videos, help simplify complex information with visual aids, such as graphs, charts, and dynamic graphics.

Used on the right pages, videos can help boost conversions by improving CRO. In fact, product and service pages that host product explainer videos or product tutorials convert 80% better than pages that don’t use video.

On top of that, 84% of people who watch a product explainer video will go on to make a purchase, according to Hubspot.

The goal of a product explainer video is simple: it provides an alternative content format for people who prefer not to read; whilst telling the target audience what your product does and how it will solve their problems.

Product videos should explain things in the clearest possible terms in under two minutes and appear above the fold (before the viewer needs to scroll) on pages.

As animations are one of the most engaging forms of visual content, most video marketers recommend using them in web explainer videos. Other things to think about include music (pick something catchy), captions (these increase understanding), and voice-over (ensure it’s clear and concise).

Create Video Alternatives For Your Blog Posts

CRO Benefit: increases your session duration and keeps visitors consuming your content.

Nothing turns an online audience off like dense blocks of text on a webpage. Not that there’s nothing wrong with text – it’s a big part of the sales strategy puzzle – but to improve viewer engagement, you need to include multiple forms of content in your marketing strategy.

The reason is simple: there are lots of different learners out there. Some respond well to text, others to video and static imagery. To give yourself the best chance of converting more of your audience, provide as many content types as possible.

Blogs are a great example. A video summary of the blog’s content gives users options. In addition, web pages with video tend to keep people for longer, and Wistia found that visitors spent 2.6x times longer on a site page with a video.

While that might not sound like a long time, those extra seconds could be the difference between a sale and a bounce. Digital marketing is a game of fine margins.

Finally, video marketing helps to drive traffic through SEO. Search results with a video have a higher chance of landing on Google’s first webpage, while Searchmetrics reports that 62% of Google’s universal searches contain video results.

Use Video Live Chat Customer Support Widgets On All Pages

CRO Benefit: improves site UX and removes users’ barriers to purchase.

Not all videos need to have a marketing motive. Sometimes, videos lead to a sale through customer support, too.

A great example of this is live chat. By using video here, you offer a human face to your user and increase the likelihood of a sale. In fact, live chat has a pretty high conversion rate of 40%.

What’s more, your whole business benefits. If you can provide live chat quickly and effectively, it can have a positive impact, with 50% of consumers saying that the ability to chat with someone in the middle of a purchase is an important business feature.

Using video adds another dimension to your chats. While a relatively new feature for businesses, it helps with particularly complex issues.

This kind of face-to-face support adds an extra level of reassurance to consumers. Plus, it helps keep them engaged, the longer you can keep people engaged, the more likely they are to buy.

One of the other big benefits of using video in this way is that it helps build a positive image. Businesses that provide good customer support, with video or otherwise, tend to keep customers long-term.

In fact, a good customer service experience makes existing customers 89% more likely to make another purchase in the future.

Tell Your Brand Story With A Video On Your Homepage

CRO Benefit: connect with your target audience by showing that you shares its values.

Every company should have an ideal customer that its video marketing strategy centers on. This is the perfect customer, the one that the majority of your marketing efforts are directed at.

Creating this customer profile or avatar means using a range of information, including current consumer data, consumer surveys, social media analytics, competitor analysis, and existing marketing knowledge.

Using this information, brands can put together a picture of their core customer. One of the most important areas to focus on is their values, as 82% of shoppers want to buy from brands with similar values to themselves, according to a recent Google Play commissioned report.

Once you have this information, you can begin to build a video marketing strategy around it. By creating emotive content, for example, branded videos and company culture videos, you can show consumers that you believe in the same things they do.

There are many ways to deliver your brand story to viewers, from a simple animated video with a voice over to a full-on documentary. We went for the latter, which you can check out here.

A deep understanding of your mission and values will improve your customer retention and ability to convert site visitors. This kind of content goes a long way toward improving CRO.

There are many places to host your brand story, but the best place by far is your homepage. This is where the majority of viewers land first, so engaging content is a must here.

Test The Video Placement On Your Pages

CRO Benefit: improves the experience of your viewers and gets more people to watch your promotional videos.

The key to a good video marketing strategy is placement. You have to think very carefully about where your content appears on the webpage. That means you have to test multiple places, making note of their benefits and detractors.

Ultimately, you want to make it as easy as possible to find. If a user’s browsing your website, instant access to your content will keep them for longer. Don’t make your audience work for it.

There are three main areas to test when it comes to video location: above the fold, below the fold, and in pop-ups. It’s vital that each webapge has a logical flow. The last thing you want is a disruptive video. This will only annoy your audience and disrupt the sales process.

To test your video’s placement is working, you can use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to measure its engagement metrics.

Plus, for a more visual insight into how your website visitors are interacting with your pages, you can use a heatmap tool like Hotjar to see how far people are scrolling down the page and which sections are getting the most clicks.

For the best results, track your video marketing strategy and video success over time, and make changes accordingly.

How To Create Conversion-Focused Videos For Your Website

As you’ve just seen, optimizing a website with video means you’ll need to create a lot of video content – and that can take time.

Lucky for you, there’s Viddyoze. Our super-easy software allows you to create engaging videos in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is sign up for the service, decide what kind of content you want, select the template that meets your needs, customize it, hit download, and add it to your landing page.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made a video before in your life. The software is so simple, anybody can use it.

A core theme explained in this article is providing an alternative content format for your visitors to engage with. Viddyoze will empower you to:

  • Create explainer videos for your products pages, that explain their benefits and makes people want to buy your product or service
  • Create testimonial videos to embed on your checkout pages to get sales over the line
  • Create video alternatives for every blog post

We believe everyone should be able to use video to improve conversions and improve CRO. With Viddyoze you can. Sign up today and start converting more traffic.

Final Thoughts

Video CRO is about working smarter, not harder. Done right, it will help you boost conversion rates and gain access to higher revenue streams. It is that simple.

Using the digital marketing strategies above in combination with high quality video content, you’ll improve CRO and drive more customers toward your desired action.

The ultimate aim is to engage viewers with video and other content.

For more information about our CRO video maker, check out Viddyoze now. Improve your conversion rate now with video.


What Are CRO Strategies?

CRO Strategies are long-term plans designed with the goal of generating more customers from your existing website traffic.

How Can Videos Increase Your Conversion Rate?

Videos can increase your conversion rate if you host relevant video content on related landing pages. Making information more accessible on your website turns video marketing into a CRO superpower.

What Is A Good Conversion Rate For Video?

A good conversion rate for video landing pages is around 5%. For YouTube, conversion rates are much lower at round 1%. Anything above these figures should be considered outstanding.

How Do I Add Videos To My Website?

Ideally, your strategy should account for all major pages. Aim to host a video on every high-traffic landing page. For example, a product or service page, a sales landing page, or a signup landing page.

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