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Video Marketing For Websites: Learn Key Strategies And Tactics

Video marketing for websites

Let’s talk about video marketing for websites. For modern businesses, a good website is essential for success.

Done right, websites boost credibility and consumer confidence, define your brand and what you do, plus they regularly use organic traffic and SEO to generate new customers.

Your website needs to entertain AND convert. It’s that simple. If it doesn’t do those things, you’ll spend more money acquiring leads only for them to drop off once they land on your poorly-built webpage.

That sounds like a lot, but don’t worry – in this article, we’re going to explain the best practices for using video marketing on your website.

By the end, you’ll know how to create a website that pulls in organic traffic and makes those visitors take action by using video to improve the UX.

As a successful video-software business, Viddyoze has used these same principles to create a money-making website. Read on, and we’ll show you how to do the same.

1. Generate New Visitors Every Month With Video SEO

The art of selling is all about timing. Get in front of the right person at the right time, and most of the hard work is done for you.

Every single day, your potential customers are heading to search engines, such as Google and YouTube, to ask for answers to their current problems.

With a few tweaks to your website and video content, you can get your brand’s marketing materials to the top of these search results! That’s how search engine optimization (SEO) for websites can help to consistently bring in new customers.

Video-based websites have the advantage over regular websites because they get to “double dip” their search traffic. What we mean here is that video-based websites get to drive traffic from BOTH Google Search and YouTube search.

Whereas regular text-based websites can’t access the ‘video’ tab in Google search results and miss out on generating traffic from YouTube altogether.

The fact is, websites with video have a higher chance of making it to the first page of Google than text-based pages, according to Forrester. On top of that, video is 50x more likely to rank organically than a text page (also Forrester).

To improve your website’s SEO using video, here are a few must-follow tips:

  1. Perform detailed keyword research using tools such as Google Trends, Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer, and Answer The Public.
  2. Create a useful, engaging video based on your keywords and marketing goal
  3. Create an SEO-optimized landing page to host your video using the same keywords
  4. Post your page BEFORE your video
  5. Embed video to your landing page
  6. Add video object schema to your page
  7. Create backlinks to your video

For more detailed advice, check out this blog on video SEO.

2. Get More Conversions By Embedding Videos Onto Your Landing Pages

The right video on the right page can do wonders for your conversion rate. In fact, one study found that adding video to a landing page increased the conversions of that page by 130%.

One obvious place to start is with your product pages. Each one should host a product video explaining what your product or service does and how this benefits the customer.

Multiple studies show that by hosting a product video on a landing page, the likelihood of a sale dramatically increases:

  • StacksAndStacks.com found that users who saw a product video were 144% more likely to buy than those who didn’t, reports Neil Patel.
  • Business Community, meanwhile, reports that the average conversion increase for sites with video landing pages is in the 80% region.

Having videos on your landing pages, and product pages in particular, is a powerful tactic because it doesn’t exclude any of your audience.

Whether your site visitors prefer to read text or watch a video to consume information, providing both options means anyone landing on the page can learn about your product.

Compare this to text-based websites that are ignoring a large section of their audience, who may, for example, be intimidated by large blocks of text and need a video to carefully explain the product to them.

So what should you include in your product videos? Here’s what:

  1. Clear details about the problem your product solves. Sell HOW it will improve the buyer’s life
  2. Show off your product with high-quality images and footage
  3. Explain how it works
  4. Include high-quality branding, logos, animated transition, intros, and outros
  5. Include a powerful CTA at the end, driving customers to act

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3. Build Your Mailing List With Video Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are a super effective way to build a mailing list, fast. Instead of simply asking people to join your mailing list without offering them anything in return, lead magnets flip the script.

A lead magnet is something that you give away for free in exchange for that person’s email address (or other contact information). In this scenario, the website visitor is incentivized to sign up for the mailing list, leading to much faster growth.

Now, for this strategy to work, your lead magnet needs to have a high perceived value for your website visitors. They need to want your lead magnet.

With that in mind, we recommend using a video lead magnet to entice downloads. Video is the most popular content format on the internet, with online videos reaching 92% of global web users.

There are tons of video types you can use as a lead magnet, including:

  • An in-depth explainer video
  • Exclusive product tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Or a mini-documentary

If possible, make sure your content deals with a fundamental problem that your dream customer would have. By positioning your lead magnet as the solution to that problem you can generate even more downloads.

Once you’ve got the contact information, you can start to build a mailing list. Email marketing is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing out there, with an ROI of $36 for each $1 spent.

Build an automation path in your email marketing software, so that you can begin nurturing your lead magnet downloaders into customers with minimal effort.

4. Create A Video Testimonials Page To Win Over BoFu Customers

Video testimonials are incredibly powerful. After watching one, the vast majority of people (2 out of 3) are more likely to make a purchase.

The reason? Video testimonials have become the modern day word-of-mouth advertising. Video testimonials allow brands to take the back seat and let one of their real-life customers explain how great and useful their products are.

This adds extra authenticity and credibility to the brand. Now, your products aren’t being hard-sold; they’re being recommended by someone who has used them to achieve success. It’s a big difference.

In fact, a whopping 9 out of 10 people told Wyzowl that they trust an existing customer more than they trust a business.

Use testimonials at the bottom of your marketing funnel (BoFu content) to get the most out of them. By this stage, your potential customers have learned about your niche and decided to buy. Right now, they’re comparing yours and your competitors’ products before making a final decision.

Highly persuasive, testimonial video content is designed to give the viewer that final bit of confidence and trust they need to choose you over the competition.

To give your website video marketing the best chance of success, create a dedicated page of video testimonials that your customers in the ‘comparison phase’ can easily find.

Not only will this help to convert leads but it will give your site an SEO boost, too. By building your expertise and authority in your niche.

Once you’ve created your page, you can push individual testimonials out using email, social media, and digital advertising to maximize their reach.

For technical advice on how to create a video testimonial, check out our expert blog.

5. Host Live Streams And Webinars On Your Site

Live streaming is HUGE business. By 2027, the live streaming industry is estimated to be worth at least $247 billion, according to Vimeo.

It’s also a great way to drive traffic to your website and generate quick sales. How you ask? By hosting high-value webinars that can only be accessed on your site.

Webinars allow you to invite all of your prospects (or existing customers) into one big presentation. Thereby, giving you the chance to educate or entice multiple people at once without having to deliver the same presentation over and over again.

Also, the great thing about webinars is that they can be used as an accelerator to move your prospects further along the buyer’s journey, regardless of what phase they’re currently in. Be it awareness, consideration, decision, or retention – you can create a webinar to attract these people into your brand’s orbit.

Hubspot, for example, uses webinars as lead magnets to collect contact information from potential customers (awareness stage). Alternatively, Trello uses webinars to explain how specific parts of its product work (customer retention stage).

When deciding what webinar to host for your brand, think about the goal of your webinar and its target audience, then let those two factors guide your decision making.

To give you a better understanding, let’s use Viddyoze and our video-creation software as an example for potential webinars we could use for each phase of the buyer’s journey:

Awareness Phase: “Video Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business”

During the awareness phase, the goal is to make ice-cold leads aware of your brand and niche. To do that, you need to make your webinar entry-level and targeted at beginners, so that your content is accessible to everybody.

Consideration and Decision Phase: “How To Scale Your Business Using Viddyoze”

While consideration and decision are distinct sections in the buyer’s journey, there’s enough overlap here to condense both of these into one webinar.

Prospects here have now heated up. They know exactly what your business does and have decided to make a purchase. The goal of this webinar is to close the sale during the presentation. Hence, your product needs to be featured heavily throughout the content so that your customers understand why it’s the best option available.

Retention phase: “How To Create Mini-Documentaries With Viddyoze”

Once you’ve closed the sale, it’s imperative that you keep your customers happy. The best way to do this is by hosting educational webinars that they can watch to learn how to use your product more effectively.

When it comes to promoting your webinars, here are three different ways to get the word out and drive attendees:

  • Create a social media event with all of the RSVP information
  • Send email reminders to existing customers and subscribers
  • Run PPC ad campaigns to target attendees outside of your network

6. Retain Existing Customers For Longer With Video Tutorials

Video marketing for websites isn’t just about generating more sales. Retaining the customers you have is just as important – and it can be very good for business, too.

Increase your customer retention rate by just 5% and you could be looking at a boost in profits between 25 to 95%. Retention is that important.

The key to recurring purchases is education. If your customer knows how to get the most use out of your products or services and it becomes an essential part of their work process, they’re almost guaranteed to keep coming back for more.

Utilize this information by creating a video tutorial hub on your website to host informative video content about your product.

Trello, mentioned in the previous point, does a great job of providing use cases for their product. Absolut Vodka has a pretty cool section on their website, showing bartenders and casual drinkers how to make their favorite cocktails.

Drive traffic to your video tutorial hub through your emailing list. Regularly reach out to existing customers with new content and links to your hub.

7. Keep People Browsing Your Website For Longer With Supporting Video Content

The longer a visitor stays on your website, the more likely they are to buy something. Unfortunately, keeping them there isn’t easy.

The average user loses interest after 15 seconds, so you need content that acts fast. Video is that content.

Wistia reports that a site visitor will remain on a page with video for 2.6 times longer than a page without video at all.

What’s more, a relevant video on your landing page can increase conversions by 86%. This is great for your business for two reasons. One, you get the sale. Two, it shows Google that your site has an efficient UX, improving your ranking ability.

It’s best practice to create a relevant video for each page. Here’s our list of recommended videos to add to common webpages:

  • Product pages: product videos
  • Blogs: video recaps of blog content
  • About me pages: company docs or “about me” explainers
  • Testimonial pages: testimonial videos
  • Tutorial pages: tutorial videos

Bonus Tip: Drive Traffic To Your Site From Posting Social Media Videos

Now for a bonus tip. Why is this one extra? Because it’s the only suggestion in this article that doesn’t involve embedding a video onto your website.

We’re talking about using video marketing to drive traffic to your site from OTHER platforms. There are a whole bunch of social media sites out there that allow you to link directly to your website.

Here are the best examples:

  • TikTok: videos that embed the link in the overlay
  • Instagram: Stories now has a swipe-up feature
  • Snapchat: Now has a “swipe up for link” feature

You can use these tools to drive traffic with certain types of content. Think videos that promote lead magnet downloads, videos to drive webinar signups, and product videos to drive people to your product pages.

In addition to these ideas, you can use video ads on pretty much every major social media platform, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It’s much more expensive than SEO, but it’s a proven way to drive people to your site and diversify your traffic sources.

Expert Advice On Website Video Marketing

John Butterworth is the SEO Strategist for Viddyoze. He’s spent over seven years working with businesses’ websites to improve their organic traffic, profitability, and UX for visitors. John also has plenty of experience with video-focused web designs, which is why we reached out to him now to get his thoughts on this article. Here’s what he had to say:

John Butterworth Headshot

“The studies and stats around video marketing for websites are undeniable. Websites that utilize video get more traffic, provide a better user experience, and, most importantly, get more conversions.

However, you need to pay close attention to the loading time of your web pages. If videos aren’t correctly embedded onto your website, they can double or triple your website’s loading time, which is far from ideal.

Modern web users are more impatient than ever before. The longer your website takes to load, the more likely people are to get frustrated and move on.

Don’t let this happen to your website! Using facades, you can prevent videos from increasing your website’s loading time. 

Now, the reason videos negatively affect page speed is due to the extra code they inject into the webpage. What facades do is not load this code until your site visitor requests it.

Usually, a facade will load the thumbnail of your video onto the page, and once clicked on, it will load the entire video player and controls (the primary source of the excess code).

Always use facades on your websites to represent your video embeds! If you have a WordPress website, you can use a plugin to do this for you, or you can apply this to any other website with a little light coding.”

How To Create Engaging Videos For Your Website

By now, you’ve seen how much video can transform your website into a lead-pulling machine. Used right, videos can draw traffic, convince customers to buy, and even keep them coming back for more.

We’ve discussed a wide variety of video content, including promotional and testimonial videos that drive sales, landing page videos that bring in new visitors, and tutorial videos that keep current ones interested.

The big question for most small businesses is how do you create all this content quickly and affordably?

The answer is Viddyoze. Our software was designed to give ALL businesses the power of video. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-person operation just starting out or a small company looking to get to the next level.

With Viddyoze, you can create high-quality engaging videos in a matter of seconds.

All you have to do is sign up for our service, log in, select the video type you’d like to create, customize it to match your brand, download it, and there you have it, an epic video ready to embed on your website.

Hit this link to find more information. Once you’re on board, you’ll be able to start making videos immediately.

So what are you waiting for? Turbocharge your website today. Attract, convert and keep customers with video.

Final Thoughts

A website is a fundamental part of any business’s marketing model in 2023. By taking a little extra time to include video on your landing pages, you’ll generate more traffic and give your company the best chance of success over the long term.

As we’ve shown here, the rewards far outweigh the effort and time you’ll spend optimizing your site in this way. The next step is to start creating. Make a plan to populate your pages with videos, and work through it until every major page has a relevant video. We suggest starting with high-value pages, such as product pages.

Viddyoze can help you create these videos in no time at all. For more information about our website video maker, hit this link now.

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