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Home » Blog » Cheryl Stanford: New Beginnings With Viddyoze

Cheryl Stanford: New Beginnings With Viddyoze

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When the coronavirus pandemic plunged the world into crisis mode in March 2020, travel consultant Cheryl Stanford could do nothing but watch her business literally disappear overnight.

“I took it really hard at first,” she recalled from her home in the US. “My industry was gone. Suddenly, I had to find something new to do.”

Cheryl Gets Her Lucky Break

Cheryl decided to take the unexpected break to upgrade her business, which is when she landed her first lucky break.

“I decided to start with my logo,” Cheryl revealed. “I was looking for video makers when the name Viddyoze kept coming up. So I thought I’d check out one of their webinars.”

As Easy As One, Two, Three

Cheryl was immediately struck by our technology, which allows absolutely anyone to create studio-professional video animations quickly.

“Within minutes, I had created a video,” she explained. “If you can cut and paste, then you can make one too. Viddyoze does all the heavy lifting. It really is as easy as putting in your logo and text to get a stunning video animation at the end of it.”

And she liked what she saw: “When I looked at my first video I thought, ‘Oh my God’. I realized it was something I could put out and use to overhaul my business and give it a fresh new look.”

When Cheryl started to show other people her work, they often asked her about who she has hired to make the video animations – they looked that good and that professional.

Cheryl’s Lightbulb Moment

“When they found out it was me, they asked if I could do it for them,” she added.

This was a turning point. In her “lightbulb moment”, Cheryl realized that she could offer this as a service for other people.

After all, with 1,500 templates and counting, there was no limit to what she could do. “I could revamp people’s brand by adding animation or video,” she said.

Needless to say, her clients have been absolutely amazed by her video animations.

“I’ve had people sit back and go ‘wow’ or ‘oh my God’ when they look at the finished product,” she said.

“My favorite was a young lady I did a promotional video for, and she said ‘OMG, I’m almost in tears. This is awesome’.”

Before long the sales started to come in and Cheryl hasn’t looked back.


The businesses that don’t embrace video are the ones that are going to be left behind

“Adding video to your business isn’t a luxury anymore,” she explained. “It’s becoming a necessity. The businesses that get it are the ones who are going to grab people’s attention.”

And, as anyone in the industry knows, once you have that attention, you can transform it into clicks and sales.

“The businesses that don’t embrace video are the ones that are going to be left behind,” she continued.

“Viddyoze has let me transition into another industry and offer it as a service.”

And that’s the brilliant thing about platforms like ours. You can make it work for you, irrespective of what you’ve been doing before. And that’s the key takeaway from Cheryl’s inspiring story.

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