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When it comes to live stream video, 2020 pretty much changed the game. With Covid raging across the world, real-life events became a no-go overnight. People needed a new way to connect – and live stream was it.

Concerts, sporting events, quiz nights and weddings – everything went online. From March to May last year, Facebook recorded a staggering 239% increase in live views, while YouTube saw an 111% boost in total hours watched.

Even now, as the world slowly starts to get back to normal, streaming has remained popular. By 2028, the industry as a whole is expected to be worth $223 billion.

Simply put, live streaming video isn’t going anywhere – and you should be using it.

Here’s how.

Why Live Stream Video?

Brands who live stream stand a better chance of forging a connection with their customers. When that happens, it usually means big business. That’s because consumers who feel more connected to a business often spend twice as much as those who don’t, according to Adweek.

In 2021, we’re also seeing a shift in how users consume content. Now, 80% of audiences would rather livestream a video than read a blog. For social media posts, that jumps up to 82%.

In an increasingly digital-first world, tuning into a live stream has never been easier, while Millennials and Gen Z are more willing to engage in this type of content.

But there’s more to it than brand awareness and revenue. Businesses can save money, too. Hosting a digital event has way fewer overheads than a real-life one. With Covid still a very real threat, cancellation isn’t an issue, either.

On top of that, you can really max out your audience numbers – where you might have had 100 spots for an in-person Q&A, the sky really is the limit when you live stream.

The Best Platforms For Streaming Live Video

Facebook Live

With the biggest social media user base, it’s no surprise that Facebook is one of the most popular live-streaming platforms on the market.

Engagement is through the roof. Not only do live videos get 6 times more interactions than standard, but users stay tuned for 3 times as long. Facebook Live is super simple to use, whether you’ve got a personal, business or creator account. Just hit “Start A Live Video” in your dashboard, and you’re ready to go.

This platform is awesome for long-form content, as you can stream for 4-hours on mobile and 8-hour on desktop. You can also save your videos, which is great for businesses looking to maximize their content.

Live stream on Facebook

This type of content helps make a business relatable, and builds trust with your audience

Instagram Live

You’ll find Instagram Live in the Stories feature of the platform (app only that is). With 500 million people using Stories every day, IG Live is a no-brainer for brands.

It works very much in the same way as Facebook – IG has even increased its live stream length to 4 hours and added in the option to save your content to IGTV.

IG live has one pretty cool ace up its sleeve, however: Instagram Rooms. This feature allows you to live stream with up to 4 people, maximizing your reach and brand. For businesses, it’s a great way to collaborate with industry stars, influencers, and celebrities.

Live stream on Instagram


The champion of digital events, there’s a reason HubSpot has named YouTube as one of the best platforms for live streaming.

In the last year alone, YouTube has seen Andrea Bocelli’s Easter Sunday concert, the Eurovision Song Contest, and the Mars Rover Landing (to name a few) pull in some truly incredible numbers. For brand inspiration, check out Apple Event, a monthly product launch delivered through YouTube.

Similar to Facebook, YouTube’s reach is nothing short of staggering, with 2 billion active monthly viewers. However, YouTube’s edge is that it’s all video, and YouTube’s model is easily monetized via its ad platform.

Live stream in YouTube


TikTok’s live function allows you to earn virtual gifts while you’re doing your thing, whatever that may be, making it a great platform for revenue.

These virtual gifts, which can be awarded by followers at any time during the stream, help TikTok creators earn “Diamonds”, a sort of digital reward handed out to popular accounts. These “Diamonds” can then be transferred into real funds, paid out in your home currency.

You must be over 16 years old and have at least 1,000 followers to live stream on TikTok.

Live stream on TikTok

These sessions are great ways to generate interactions and boost your digital presence

Best Of The Rest

There are a few streamers out there better suited to specific audiences. For example, ` is perfect for professionals, while Twitch is the place for gamers (although the latter is ripe for disruptive marketing campaigns).

7 Content Types To Live Stream

Now you know the platforms, what type of content should you be posting live? Check out our top 7 ideas.

1. Interviews

Lock down an interview with a big name in your industry and you’re bound to generate some buzz for your business.

Not only is this great for brand awareness, but you can also generate some great engagement by asking your audience to submit questions.

Here are some free tips on how to shoot an interview.

2. Events

Live events can take many forms. They can be workshops, talks, live podcasts, webinars, lectures or guided classes, coaching seminars, and much more.

Besides, they can also achieve many different goals, from brand awareness and thought leadership to direct revenue and traffic.

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3. Competitions And Giveaways

Because who doesn’t love free stuff? Tension, excitement, engagement… competitions and giveaways are made for live streaming.

We suggest setting up your comp through your normal social channels before announcing the winners live. They’re great for increasing subscribers, collecting data, and brand awareness.

4. Product Demos And Tutorials

A great one for boosting sales, traffic and engagement, a live product demo is super easy to organize. Just hit live and show off your gear!

With Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you can save your video and redistribute it later, too. Tie it in with a new product launch for extra engagement.

Here’s some advice on product videos that you can use ahead of your live stream.

5. Q&A Sessions

Position your brand as thought-leaders with a Live Q&A. All you need is a good topic – try picking something timely that relates to your business – a host, and some willing members of your team.

These sessions are great ways to generate interactions and boost your digital presence.

6. Behind The Scenes Tour

Show the nuts and bolts of your brand with a live tour “backstage”. This type of content helps make a business relatable, and builds trust with your audience.

Try filming when something big is happening – for example, the packaging of a large order, a workshop, or a party.

7. Launch A Flash Sale

An awesome way to boost revenue and drive traffic, use live to tell your audience about a flash sale.

This kind of video takes very little preparation or planning – just hit live and explain what’s on sale. Remember to build up the tension beforehand on social media with a few teaser posts about a “big announcement”.

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