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Animation Ideas For Your Next Marketing Video

Animation Ideas For Your Next Marketing Video

The key to successful video marketing is producing content at scale; to give your audience reasons to keep coming back and engaging with your brand.

As a creator, you need to give your watchers something new to get them hooked on your channel and continue growing your brand.

The only problem with that is: regularly coming up with new ideas is hard and too often you find that many of your ideas have already been used.

But don’t worry because this is where animations can help you.

Animations are one of the best ways to step up your video content with a sprinkle of creativity. From fancy text to moving images, with a little extra detail, your audience will be hooked.

In this post, we’re going to provide you with animation ideas including intro ideas that you can use to produce better video content.

We’re going to cover animations that you can use in your video intros, transitions, and mid-content. Let’s dive in.

Animation Ideas For Your Introductions

Intros are the most important part of any video because if you don’t immediately captivate your audience, this could be all they watch.

According to Facebook, 65% of people that watch the first 3 seconds of your video will watch it for at least 10 seconds. But if your intro isn’t up to scratch, your audience could fall in the 35% blackhole.

Branded introductions are an excellent way to make your mark on your video content. Especially when it’s the first thing they’ll see, with a strong branded intro, your audience will recognize your content and keep watching due to the goodwill you’ve generated..

And for those who don’t know your brand, it’ll build brand awareness by making them focus on your company name and tagline for a few crucial moments.

Search Engine Query


This animation template is all about search. With this template, you can make a video that looks like you’re searching for your video topic without having to actually put it together yourself.

Google even says that how-to videos earn the most attention than any other category on YouTube. So appeal to those searchers and give them the answer they’re looking for.

You can customize the text of this template so that the search is exactly related to your content. For example, if you’re creating a video on editing photos, try putting in the exact question your viewers would search for so it would be “How to edit photos easily?” And you can customize the audio too!

Photo Opener-Horizontal

This template is the definition of visual with the chance to add a whole bunch of images. It makes the perfect intro to your videos.

You could add screenshots from previous content or even add product photos to clearly show what your brand is about. You can also change the text of this template to fit your creative title.

Droid Intro


This template gives you the opportunity to bring your logo to life. Or robotic life at least! It works perfectly as an intro because you can change the text to fit the title of your video. You can also change the colors of this template. Even the robot can match your brand.

It’s simple but appealing to your viewers and it’ll give the first few seconds of your video something for your audience to enjoy. It would be perfect for any business related to technology or even any related to gaming and movies!

Animation Ideas For Outros

While an intro might introduce viewers to your brand, your outro is all about getting them to take action. To close your video, you need a strong Call To Action so that your audience knows what to do next.

Whether that’s visiting your website, buying your products or following your socials – every marketing video you create should have an end result in mind that prompts your watchers to take action.

And instead of just adding some basic text that will probably go unnoticed, you want to make it look attractive and obvious. Otherwise, it’s a great opportunity missed.

According to KISSMetrics, a CTA within a video gets 380% more clicks than their normal sidebar CTAs. So if that hasn’t convinced you to use one, nothing will.

Hexagon Social Channels


So you need somewhere to direct your customers? With this template, you can include four options! With logos and URLs for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, if these are four socials you want to promote, then you’re onto a winner.

The URLs couldn’t be clearer making a great CTA. You can also change the color accents in this template to whichever suits you. If you work in business, this template will fit you well!

Glass Outro


This sleek and high-quality template is another opportunity to get traffic to your social media profiles. Insivia says viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, so adding a CTA for them here, is a great idea.

With Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as your options, not only have you got the chance to promote them but in a way that actually looks professional. And with its simple colors, it will fit any brand palette!

This is another template great for the tech industry or even if you work with glass. And it’s versatile enough to be used if you don’t work in either!

Neon Lights – Three Parts

If you really want to catch your audience’s eye with your outro, this bright and vibrant template will do that for you. Think club, party or even gaming vibes with this template.

With this one, you can change the text to fit any CTA you might like. And it doesn’t have to be the social platforms that you promote!

You can also add images, maybe even of your products to advertise to your audience before they leave. You can change the colors of this template so if the vibrant blue and pink aren’t for you, they can be changed!

Animation Ideas For Scene Transitions

Transitions are the parts that make your story fit together seamlessly by progressing each scene.

If you want a high-quality video, clips that are chopped together aren’t going to work.

Modern internet users expect a flawless viewing experience, if they find your video editing to be jarring, they’ll most likely abandon your video there and then.

Stop this from happening by using animated transitions to hide your scene changes and provide a flawless viewing experience.

In addition, with a little customization, you can make transitions that add an extra brand touchpoint to your content, which is crucial!

Thorough branding throughout your videos will increase its ROI and raise the profile of your business.

Interference Transmission


Think back to the good old times when the tv would flash and we’d all be panicking. That’s what this template looks like, except it’s on purpose! And if you want a vintage vibe to your video content it’s a perfect choice.

It includes your logo so that throughout your video your audience will see your brand. And any new viewers won’t be able to forget it! You might not get a seamless transition with this one, more of an edgy one that will fill your viewers with nostalgia.

Color Pop Transition


Why not add a little color to your video? Transitions are all about taking away the bore from your video content and moving on to the next. And there’s nothing boring about a pop of color!

The colors of this template can be changed to your taste, and with its help, your video will move flawlessly from one clip to the next. It’s a creative animation that takes minimal effort to use! And it’s particularly great for those informative videos of a lighthearted nature.

Lower Third Animated Prompts

Have you ever watched the news? Of course you have, everyone’s watched the news!

When anyone is introduced on the show they always have a fancy lower third, a little bit of text to introduce them.

And if you want your own videos to look high-quality and build your personal brand, it’s worth you using too.

Glass & Chrome

If you’re looking for the best way to introduce a guest, you’ve found it. Nothing looks more professional than a little name tag at the bottom of your screen and now you’ve got one to use!

This template includes a title and subtitle that you can change (perfect for a person’s name and profession). You can also add your logo and change the colors so that you’re staying on brand.

If you create news content or even interview people from time to time, you’ll make great use of this one!

Advanced App Promo

If you’re looking for a little more modern alternative, this lower third is all things tech. And if you work in the technology industry, it’s the ideal choice.

It moves away from the screen in one swift motion, to keep your video looking professional. You can also change the colors on this template to create gradient text in your own brand palette.

How To Create Animations For Your Videos

We hope the animation ideas presented have helped to get your creative juices flowing on how to take your video content to the next level.

Each and every animation example in this article was created using the Viddyoze app and all are available for you to access right now.

Save time, effort, and money by using Viddyoze’s animation maker to create studio-quality animations that you can insert into your marketing videos right now.

There’s over 2,700 fully customizable video templates on the Viddyoze app that you can use to:

To get started, all you need to do is signup to the Viddyoze app, choose a template from our library, customize it with your branding and imagery, then download and post.

It really is that easy to create vibrant animations for your marketing videos.

Click here to get started or watch the video below for more information.


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