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15 Video Content Repurposing Hacks That Maximize Your Budget

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We get it. Producing enough video content to keep your customers engaged and the social media algorithms happy can be challenging.

It’s expensive, requires a huge time commitment, and can be challenging to skill up for.

But the simple truth is, without a steady stream of video content, your marketing campaigns will suffer.

Thankfully, there’s a way to keep posting fresh videos without breaking the bank: repurposing video content.

Repurposing video content means adapting existing videos to fit a new content format. It’s about doing more with the marketing materials you have.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to give your old video content new life.

Rattle around at the bottom of forgotten desktop folders for those video snippets you never thought you’d use again – Viddyoze is here to provide you with a host of ideas to ensure your video content works harder for your business.

What Does Repurpose Video Mean?

Repurposing video means transforming your existing content into new promotional videos. It saves time, energy, and money as you don’t have to record new content.

Whether you have old YouTube videos lying around, a blog post collecting dust, or promotional material used once and then forgotten, repurposing video will bring new life and purpose to existing content.


Repurposing Your Existing Video Content

Creating original video content can be expensive and time-consuming. Using the content you fought so hard to make just once does it a disservice – and decreases your potential ROI.

With these methods, you’ll learn how to repurpose your existing videos. We’ll help you make them go further and do more, meaning a single piece can return your investment in time, effort, and money many times over – and even open you up to a new marketing channel.

1. Transcribe Your Videos Into A Blog Post

The war for Google’s front page is one of attrition. By consistently uploading quality, keyword-rich content to your website or blog, you can increase your visibility with the almighty search engine and funnel passive traffic to your business.

Videos can be quick and easy to transcribe, although the language may not work as well on the page as it does audibly. But with some creative editing, informative videos can make for excellent reading. Just remember to format them so Google’s spiders appreciate your expertise and clearly understand your message.

If you’re not too keen on transcribing yourself, many speech-to-text tools are out there to make the process quick and painless.

You’ll have a quality blog post in no time.

2. Repackage Your Webinars As A Video Training Course

Webinars and training videos are the type of videos many businesses create as part of their regular operations. Unfortunately, they tend to gather dust until they’re next ‘useful.’

Of course, a good video repurposing strategy means they’re always useful.

People will pay for training that usually is only available in-house. According to a 2018 study by Research and Markets, global eLearning revenue climbed to $325 Billion that year – up from $125 Billion in 2015. With remote working and the gig economy exploding, it’s a trend that’s likely to continue.

Why not get on board? Taking time to refit your webinars as an online course could form an unexpected revenue stream with a little effort. Or they could make another excellent way to capture email signups. The sky is the limit.

3. Repurpose Footage From Annual Events Into Trailers For The Next One

One of the many advantages of video is putting a human face to a brand or product. Videos build trust – and there’s no better way to convince potential attendees that an event will be worth their time than showing them how great the last one was.

If your business has attended a trade show, convention, or hosted its own event, someone was likely filming the ambiance on the floor. Cutting that footage into a simple trailer or recap video for the next event is an easy way to drum up excitement and ticket sales.

More importantly, any potential attendees will immediately trust the quality of an event if they see it with their own eyes. As they say in Hollywood: show, don’t tell.

4. Keep People On Your Website For Longer By Embedding Videos Onto Your Landing Pages

Videos are a powerful tool for hooking viewer attention and enabling them to consume your message. Savvy digital marketers have recognized this and are now using videos to get more website sales.

Studies show that including a video on your landing page can boost conversion rates by up to 80%.

Take inspiration and repurpose your video content to power up your website! Major video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo offer free tools to quickly embed video content onto your landing pages.

The key to getting this right is using videos that complement the page content. For example, adding product demonstrations to sales pages makes sense. So does embedding your ‘meet the team’ videos to your about us page.

Repurposing Content For Social Media (Including TikTok)

Video content for social media is a must.

If you’re not using video content in your social media campaigns, you’re limiting their effectiveness by not engaging with your audience in their preferred content format.

Here’s how to post more videos on your social pages and tips for getting more organic impressions so your followers see your content in their feeds.

5. Split One Long Video Into Several Short-Form Videos

Slicing long videos into multiple shorter ones is one of the classic ways to repurpose video content.

Remember that long video recording of an interview you posted once months ago and never mentioned again? It’s time to bring it back and build a social media campaign around it.

During the initial recording, it’s likely that you and your guest covered multiple topics and had many exciting things to say during each segment. Cherry-pick these highlights to create bite-sized video clips you can post on social media to build excitement for the whole recording.

What makes this strategy so successful is the virality factor. Short video clips are prime viral social media content because they’re entertaining, easy to share, and easy to consume. They also boost brand awareness on Instagram Stories, Reels, or TikTok.

So, find your most suitable longer video and cut out the best bits to repurpose across your channels. And, if they’re not split between multiple platforms, make sure to point people towards the full video with a link so they know where to find more information – and stay glued to your content.

6. Post The Raw Video File Onto Social Media To Get More Impressions

Social media algorithms give posts extra visibility in newsfeeds if they determine that post will keep users engaged and scrolling on their app for longer. It’s how they make their money.

Posting YouTube links to promote your videos on social media might seem like a great idea to drive views – but if you’re encouraging people to click a link that takes them off the platform, you won’t be impressing the algorithms of Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Your post will likely generate few organic impressions if it links to a third-party platform.

To get the best of both worlds, here’s what you do:

  • Take your raw video file.
  • Split it into several smaller videos.
  • Post the new videos directly to your chosen social medias.
  • Link to the full YouTube video in the comments.

This method allows you to repurpose videos, drive traffic to your YouTube videos, and still get a boost in organic social media impressions. It’s a win-win.

7. Get More Views By Boosting Your Best Performing Video

There are many ways to repurpose video content for social media. Still, the simplest is to run an online ad campaign to get your videos into the newsfeeds of people who don’t currently follow your accounts.

The reality of modern social media is this: people are unlikely to discover your content unless you’re paying for ads.

Organic reach (a measure of how many people see your posts) on platforms such as Facebook has been in decline for years.

It’s a dilemma because major social media platforms’ user numbers and audience sizes are too big to ignore.

Thankfully, you can save money by repurposing your most successful social media posts rather than creating new video creatives for your ads.

You need to log in to your account and head for the analytics dashboard. Look for your most successful video posts, the ones with the most: likes, shares, and audience retention. Then run an ads campaign on this content.

Because you know this content has worked well in the past, boosting it into other people’s feeds is a no-brainer. And forecasting engagement and ROI from your campaign should be a breeze.

How To Repurpose YouTube Videos

YouTube is the most popular platform among marketers creating video content, and for a good reason: 40% of shoppers globally say they purchased products they’d found on YouTube.

But making a YouTube video can also feel like a one-and-done. Once your video runs out of steam with the algorithm and views start tipping off, it can feel like the content’s reached the end of its life.

Not so: these tips will help you repurpose your YouTube content and keep it kicking for years to come.

8. Use Your YouTube Content To Capture Email Addresses

Videos can be an excellent way to capture email addresses and get new leads into your sales funnel.

If you have an enticing, informative piece of content you know will be in demand, use it as a lead magnet.

Video lead magnets work by hiding the content behind an email capture form that people can access for free in exchange for their email address or contact information.

Once you have their email address, you can contact them whenever you want and set them on a lead-nurturing path that converts them into customers.

Sounds great, right? Well, it’s about to sound even better.

Instead of wasting time creating a new video to use as your lead magnet, head to YouTube and choose one of your top-performing videos.

Repurposing your video content as a lead magnet works well for two reasons:

  1. Because you’re using a video that’s already proven to be in demand, you can be sure that it will work to generate leads
  2. You can start generating new leads right now because you already have everything you need

Look at your YouTube analytics dashboard and find the video with the highest retention rate (aka your best-performing video). That’s the content you need to use as your lead magnet.

The final step is to start driving traffic to your lead magnet. Afterward, you can sit back, relax, and watch your sales pipeline swell.

Pro-tip: to improve the conversion rate of your video lead magnet, cut the video into a short teaser trailer or snippet and use this to entice the prospect. Let the content sell itself!

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9. Use The Audio From Your YouTube Videos To Launch A Podcast

Audio podcasts are so entrenched within the internet landscape today that it can feel like you’re missing out if you don’t have one.

And in basic terms, you are: a study by Pandora found that 42% of podcast listeners found audio advertisements more likely to capture their attention than other forms.

Buying advertising space in established channels can be expensive and competitive. Instead, why not pull the audio from your most informative videos and post it as a podcast? Not only does this give your audience the option of how to consume your expertise, but it also expands your reach – without putting in the massive effort required to create a bespoke audio podcast.

Entrepreneur Gary Vee, the founder of Vayner Media, does this to great effect. He repurposes key points from his popular YouTube show #AskGaryVee and posts them as podcasts, where he’s consistently topping the Apple Podcast charts in business.

10. Post Your Facebook Live Videos To YouTube

Did you just deliver a killer sales pitch on Facebook Live? Wish it could live in internet notoriety forever and continue to work its magic long after the moment’s passed? Video repurposing provides an easy answer.

Live video is incredible for in-the-moment engagement, but the simple truth of the modern world is that many people won’t be able to make the event – especially if your consumer base spans several time zones.

Eliminate that problem by posting your live video to your YouTube channel afterward. That way, your hard work won’t be lost to time, and a presentation meant for a single stream can live long after the moment’s passed.

Tips For Repurposing Written Materials Into Videos

Just as old videos can be given new life as blog content, the reverse is also true. A blog post is perfect for delivering scrollable, quick-to-digest information, but blogs miss video content’s unique advantages.

Thankfully, having an established blog means half the work of producing a great video is already done.

Repurposing blog posts into scripts for videos can ensure your content goes further and help you take advantage of video marketing’s unbeatable ROI.

11. Turn Your FAQs Into A Content Series

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch in video form, according to a study by Insivia – that’s up from just 10% when reading the same message in text.

Over-reliance on text is a problem for businesses with busy FAQ pages.

If your FAQs are consistently being used by customers looking to understand your products better, it could be a no-brainer to repurpose them into a video series. Who would’ve thought FAQs could be a cornerstone of your content marketing?

Not only will an FAQ video be an excellent and practical reference for your existing customers, but YouTube’s natural reach could capture a new audience too.

And that new audience will be more likely to spend if their first impression is of a professionally produced, detailed video that makes your product or service easier to understand.

12. Transform Your Product Support Documentation Into Video Tutorials

Similarly, creating video tutorials for your product dramatically improves customer information retention. Studies aside, many people find visual learning a more effective tool for understanding and will appreciate the effort of creating an explainer video.

But video tutorials can be an effective product marketing strategy, too.

By creating specific videos that demonstrate how to use your product, the problems it solves, and exclusive features – you can softly promote your product to potential buyers.

In short, show prospective customers what your product can do – they’ll likely believe their eyes over a few words of copy or a product description.

13. Create Videos For All Of Your Written Testimonials

Customer video testimonials are a great example of emulating word-of-mouth marketing; most business websites are littered with them.

Instead of joining the oversaturated throng of on-site customer testimonials, make yours stand out by repurposing them as videos.

Perhaps shoot a satisfied customer using your product or service, or even ask your audience to send in videos explaining how your business has benefitted them. You don’t need fancy equipment to repurpose customer testimonials: selfie videos feel human and honest and go a great way to forge a deeper connection with your target audience.

Failing that, even collating your testimonials in a series of shorter clips can go some way to making sure your potential customers pay attention to them.

14. Repurpose Your Case Studies Into A Video

Case studies make for excellent content but are extra effective in video form. Continuing the ‘show, don’t tell’ theme, watching your product or service make a difference in the real world can contribute to buyer intent.

Case studies can also be a great strategy to showcase the breadth of your product’s possible applications. Think outside of the box and show your customers product demos they won’t expect, and prove to them what you’re offering can improve their lives or businesses in ways that aren’t obvious. If it’s in video, they’ll believe it.

Case studies don’t need a short shelf life – repurpose them as social videos and make them a long-term cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

15. Announce Sales Promos With A Video Announcement

If you’re gearing up for a big sale promotion, you want people to know about it. The highly shareable nature of video means it’s the perfect way to get news spreading fast.

A quick, bitesize video snippet to show off what’s on offer – and its application – can immediately get the ball rolling. These work great in Instagram reels, where the flyby nature and easy store linking make sense.

Offering a discount code only available to those viewing the video might also boost engagement, ensure the video is shared far and wide, and get your stock moving quickly.

How To Create Repurposed Video Content Fast

Hopefully, by now, you’re alight with ideas about how to repurpose your existing video into content that keeps working for you well beyond its expiry date.

As you might have noticed, one of the key takeaways is that video is difficult to make.

Even simply repurposing old blog content can be challenging if you don’t have the prerequisite skills.

That’s where Viddyoze comes in. We’ve created the solution to designing and producing professional video content quickly and affordably – without requiring intensive courses or tutorials.

With our platform, you can repurpose that dusty blog content, testimonial, or case study in minutes.

All you need to do is log on to our app, choose a video template from our library, upload your text, then download and post. Transforming your content into studio-quality videos is that simple.

Get started today for freeFor a limited time only, Viddyoze is running a risk-free seven-day trial.

That means you can sign-up, create an unlimited amount of videos, and if you cancel before the trial ends, it won’t cost you a penny. Tap here to start your free trial and kickstart your video marketing revolution .

Or click here for more information on our social media video maker.


Video is one of the most powerful tools in any good content strategy. Repurposing video is the perfect way to keep your different channels fresh. You’re likely sitting on a treasure trove of content already.

Without Viddyoze, repurposing just one video will be a chore and require a bunch of time, energy, and money. With Viddyoze? Streamlining your content repurposing and keeping your marketing channels active with engaging videos is a breeze.

Learn more about our video maker for social media.


How Do You Repurpose Content?

You repurpose video content by changing its form to fit a new home better. Repurposing might be removing a video’s audio file to create a podcast, cutting a longer video to form several short Instagram posts, or transcribing a webinar to make an informative blog post.

How To Repurpose YouTube Videos For TikTok

TikTok is built for mobile devices and displays videos in the 9:16 ratio. YouTube, on the other hand, displays videos in the widescreen 16:9 format. To repurpose YouTube videos for TikTok, you need to change the aspect ratio of your content.

How Do You Repurpose Instagram Videos?

You can repurpose Instagram videos by natively posting them to other social media platforms, using them as PPC ad creative, or transforming them into video landing pages for your website.

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