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Websites with video get more conversions AND more traffic

Ads containing videos generate significantly higher ROI than ones without

Video posts get more engagement than any other post type on ALL major social media platforms

Video marketing is a business growth super hack. However, it’s not as simple as creating one video and then posting it across your website, social media, and PPC campaigns.

A video designed to improve your website UX is not the same as a sales-focused video intended to win new customers. Hence, to grow your business with video marketing, you need specialist content designed to achieve a specific goal.

But if you’re not experienced with video creation, and you don’t know the nuances or best practices for each type of video, how do you create perfectly optimized video content that will achieve your business goals?

The answer is “video recipes,” exclusive to Viddyoze.

With recipes, you can create studio-quality videos in just a few minutes.
Viddyoze software screenshot

Introducing ‘Recipes’ Your Shortcut To Video Marketing Success

A recipe is a pre-built video template that chooses the right scenes to include in your video and then organizes them into the ideal structure to achieve your intended goal.

For you, this means no more worrying about storyboarding, script writing, filming, editing footage, or using complicated animation software.

No matter what type of video you’d like to make, we’ve got you covered. The Viddyoze platform has over 90 recipes, including ones for Facebook ads, sales announcements, customer testimonials, meet-the-team videos, explainer videos, and social media posts.

Our dedicated team of in-house animators and video marketing experts have built all recipes to ensure they follow current conversion rate, retention rate, and videography best practices.

Sign up for Viddyoze now, create the perfect video in just a few clicks, and then use that video to unleash your business’s potential.

Make Your Brand Presence Felt Within Every Video

Viddyoze gives you complete control over your video’s styling, allowing you to produce custom marketing videos that will convince your audience they cost a fortune to make.

When you sign up for Viddyoze, you gain access to two pieces of software: the video maker and the Animation Engine.

The video maker is where you go to create full-length videos. The platform uses the recipes system to guide you through the creation process – telling you when to insert your logo, brand colors, and product imagery into the content so that your branding is heavily featured throughout.

Additionally, you gain access to the Animation Engine – an exceptional tool that brings your logo to life in stunning 3D motion graphics! The Animation Engine instantly raises the professionalism of your video content by allowing you to incorporate branded intros, outros, scene transitions, and lower thirds into your videos.

Both software combine to add extra brand touchpoints into your video content, which is needed to make your business (and its marketing) much more memorable to watchers.

The Secret To Studio-Quality Video Production: Branded Animations

Viddyoze isn’t just one platform, you’ll also gain access to our incredible Animation Engine, which allows you to create shorter 3D -animated video assets in just a few clicks. You can use these animations as standalone videos or insert them into your “video recipes” to skyrocket the production-quality of your content.

As part of your access to Viddyoze, you unlock over 4000 animation templates which include:

Logo Animations
Turn your logo into a powerful animation, with hundreds of options to choose from
Intros & Outros
Create incredible intros and outros for your video content to make your viewers take action.
Live Action Animations
Our live action animations combine real footage with 3D animation allowing you to create unique short videos in minutes.
Video Transitions
Want your video transitions to look cooler than ever? We have hundreds for you to choose from.
Lower Thirds & Call Outs
Want to create a professional lower third, or “subscribe” call out for your Youtube content. You have stacks to customize inside of Viddyoze.
Social Animations
Want to promote your social media channels in your video content. We have the perfect animations for you to customize around your profiles.
Promo Templates
Want to create a quick promo video around a new product, service or announcement? Now you can with stacks of easy-to-use templates to choose from.
User Generated Animations
We also have the opportunity for you to create your own animation templates inside of our platform too.

Don’t Waste Time Learning Complicated Animation Software

All Viddyoze’s animation templates can be customized and created in just a couple of clicks. Just upload your logo, choose your brand colors, select a music track, and that’s it! You’ll have perfect motion graphics of your logo that can be used to introduce your brand, progress your video’s story, or call your viewers to action.

Access All Viddyoze’s Animation Templates Today, For FREE !

Access Exclusive Video Marketing Training And Coaching Sessions

At Viddyoze, we want to do more than just help you create professional marketing videos. We also want to teach you how to build video marketing strategies that will turbocharge your business growth.

That’s why all Viddyoze Pro customers gain access to exclusive training courses and learning materials created by Viddyoze’s in-house team of video marketing experts.

We call this Viddyoze Academy.

Every month, we release new training content to Viddyoze Academy. We also pull back the curtain on our own techniques and explain in detail the marketing tactics Viddyoze uses; so that you can copy them and get the same results.
Participant engagement and feedback is at the heart of Viddyoze Academy. Therefore, if there’s something specific that you would like to learn, let us know, and we’ll look to incorporate your request into an upcoming session.

What Viddyoze Customers Are Saying

How To Get Started
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More Reasons To
Choose Viddyoze

Brand Library

Add your brand name, logo, colour pallet, products, testimonials, product features and benefits, contact information, imagery, and more to the library and the Viddyoze AI will select the appropriate details to add to every video you make


Viddyoze can take your business website URL and pull in all your testimonials directly into your brand library

TrustPilot Integration

Include your TrustPilot reviews into your videos so your best customers can tell everyone why they should become customers too

Fine Tune Recipes

Choose a video recipe then fine tune it to meet your exact demands before letting the AI work its magic


Adjust the colour scheme to better match your product or brand

Text & Fonts

You can change fonts and add, remove, and fine-tune text to speak to your audience in the style and language they’re accustomed to


You can further personalise your video by removing the AI chosen images and replacing them with your own

Scenes & Animations

If a scene isn’t relevant to your marketing objective, you can simply remove it. Or better yet, replace it with one of your own custom animations

  • Unrivalled customer support
  • Create an unlimited amount of videos*
  • Over 4000 exclusive animation templates*
  • 10 New Video Recipes Every Month*
  • 30 Additional Templates Every Month*
  • Pull your TrustPilot and Google Reviews directly into your videos
  • Easily add royalty free pictures or videos from Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels
  • In-app image and video editing
  • Save your brand styling to speed up video creation
  • Enter the Viddyoze Private Community with other business owners and decision makers*
  • Active Discord and Facebook groups
  • Create videos for commercial use (including reselling)

Here’s 4 Examples Of Videos We Made In Under 10 Minutes

Testimonial Videos

Use testimonials to give undecided buyers the confidence they need to purchase your products. The more you can use social proof to prove that your products will work, the more sales you’ll make.

Website VSL

Your website is the only member of your sales team that works 24/7, 365 days a year. Power up your webpages with video sales letters (VSL) and your site will generate more leads without needing more traffic.

Facebook Video Ad

The biggest cause of unprofitable ad campaigns is bad creative. With Viddyoze, you’ll never have to worry about that again. All of our ad recipes are carefully made using the very  latest conversion rate optimization best practices.

Affiliate Review Videos

The more products you promote, the more profits you make. Use Viddyoze to get your subscribers hyped, your commissions stacked, and your next promotion lined up before the current one has even ended.

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